Egypt chairs the 45th Ordinary Session of the Executive Office of the Arab Council of Ministers of Communications and Information

  • By: Basel Khaled

    The 45th session of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Communications and Information was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, organized by the Technical Secretariat of the Arab League under the chairmanship of Ambassador Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs of the League of Arab States. Members of the Executive Office, which includes seven countries - Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Tunisia, Libya and Lebanon - at the Ministry's headquarters in the Smart Village.

    Talat explained the importance of promoting joint Arab action and concerted efforts to build unified visions on relevant issues and coordinate Arab positions in international forums. He thanked the Arab countries for their active participation in the 36th Arab Permanent Committee for Post, hosted by Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh, To take several important decisions related to the protection of Arab rights in postal issues and the development of its services, in addition to the choice of the unified Arab postal character, and thanked the Arab labor teams for their diligent efforts in standardization, Affairs website or crystallize the Arab strategy for communication and information.

    He stressed that the issues related to Palestine are an integral part of our Arab meetings and are supportive of the rights of the brothers in Palestine in various issues. He pointed out that the openness of Arab action to international and regional organizations and entities such as the International Telecommunication Union or the African Union, cooperation with China, cooperation with the Arab Organization for Information and Communication Technologies The Arab Network of Regulators and the Information Technology Organization or the Arab Organization for Women enriches and strengthens Arab action, and invites the attendees to participate in the World Radiocommunication Conference hosted by Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh in October He said that he would be able to formulate a common position on the various issues to be presented during the conference to serve Arab interests. At the beginning of the meeting, the attendees observed a minute of mourning for the late Tunisian President Béji Kayed Sibsi .


    The meeting discussed the mechanisms of cooperation between the Arab countries for the development of ICT, and e-mail. The recommendations of the Executive Office will be submitted to the next session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Communications and Information, which will be held in Riyadh in the fourth quarter of this year.

    The meeting discussed a number of topics, most notably the approval of the Saudi proposal to select Riyadh, the Arab digital capital in 2020. Cairo was chosen as the Arab Digital Capital in 2021, an initiative aimed at supporting Arab youth through ICT and enriching creative work, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.\

    The meeting also dealt with the follow-up to the implementation of the Regional Development Plan for the Arab Region 2017-2020, discussing proposals for the development of the ICT community in the Arab World, the Arab Digital Agenda 2030, and the results of the Strategic Conference of the UPU, hosted by Sharm El-Sheikh in July, (UPU), as well as the outcome of the 44th meeting of the Arab Permanent Committee on Communications and Information, the meetings of the Arab Standing Committee on Communications and Information Working Groups, Arab Permanent Post Committee, and the work of the meeting (36) of the Permanent Arab Post Committee.

    حمّل تطبيق جريدة عالم رقمي الآن