“Al-Adwaa” remains in the leadership by offering new digital educational solutions for all students

  • Unprecedentedly in Egypt and In line with the vision of the Ministry of Education to wield modern technology:


    Dalia Ibrahim:“We are working to promote blended learning, and merge between the book and the advanced digital solutions to offer the student an integrated educational experience.”



    By ; Mahmoud El Daba – Nelly All


    Nahdet Misr Publishing Group organized a press conference to announce the latest digital educational solutions, which are provided by Al-Adwaa’s series for the first time in Egypt. This conference was conducted as part of the group's keenness to develop educational tools; including the renowned Al-Adwaa’s series to be able to keep pace with the current era, hence supports the process of self and remote learning. The conference came to confirm that the group accomplished a myriad of developments. Indeed, these developments encompass several updates in Al Adwaa’s electronic/mobile application, and the provision of a “smart code” to link the printed book to Al-Adwaa’s application on tablets and Android phones.

    This successful digital conference was attended by a group of media representatives, along with Nahdet Misr Publishing Group’s spokespeople, headed by Ms. Dalia Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nahdet Misr Publishing House, as well as Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahim, Head of Commercial Sector. In this context, and during the conference, the group reviewed the details of the integrated updates, their importance, and their impact on each of the students, the parents, and the teachers. Indeed, the previous updates came as a result of the company's ultimate belief in the significance of E-learning, and the interactive content that helps the student to comprehend and assimilate all the educational material. 

    While achieving the previous objective, the group, simultaneously, took into account the different abilities of each student, thus, was able to enhance the skills of self-learning, research, and stimulate the use of different study tools. Furthermore, during the conference, the light was shed on the new identity and logo of Al-Adwaa’s series, with an explanation, done in detail, of the mechanisms of this development.  


    Dalia Ibrahim, during the press conference, elucidated, “We are happy to meet today for the first time digitally, which reflects the vision of ​​the institution as a whole, as we are avid believers in the importance and the necessity of using modern technology methods in various fields, on top of which is the education sector. The global and local trends are gravitating towards the use of technological methods in education, as today we are witnessing an unprecedented development in the Egyptian education system, and the great shift towards electronic and interactive education that has become evident, especially with the emergence of Coronavirus pandemic for the first time in Egypt. Thus, it was necessary for Al Adwaa to start a new era by offering new technological solutions besides changing its identity to cater the spirit of the new generation, abiding by the concepts of modern education.”

    She added, "We have been providing Al-Adwaa’s series to our students for more than 52 years, and we have succeeded in supporting the educational process in Egypt, over those years, through our leadership and continuous development to keep pace with the changes that occur in the field of education.”

    Al-Adwaa’s series is relentlessly working on developing the educational content according to specific educational goals. As a result, “Al-Adwaa” has updated the content according to the new education system; the so-called 2.0, which mainly aims at developing different life skills of the students. For instance, a number of new features have been added to the books, including "Continuous Assessment" to monitor the student’s performance and a new section for research projects. In addition to uplifting the design of Al Adwaa book when it comes to the interior and exterior design.

    As for the technological updates relevant to Al-Adwaa’s series, they include; “The smart code technology”, which is applied for the first time in Egypt, and works on linking Al-Adwaa’s book to the application, through a code provided by the book, so that the student can enjoy new features activated for the book’s owner. 

    Al-Adwaa’s application depends mainly on the concept of adaptive learning through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).This application provides a number of functions and features such as; "The curriculum plan", a feature that helps the student organize their studies to achieve better results with less exerted effort. It also provides them with reports on their achievement rate, to ensure that their performance is kept to speed with the ministerial curriculum schedule.

    Moreover, the application offers more than 11,000 educational videos that help students understand the educational material. There is also “A question bank” feature, which includes nearly half a million questions, and many interactive examinations and assessment tools. These tools can easily identify the weaknesses of each student individually, and guide them on how to strengthen them.

    There is also a number of smart programs that analyze the student’s level, and provide them with the explanations, reviews, and examinations that they need and which suit their level.

    The application also relies heavily on the concept of “Gamification”, and the usage of ​​motivation in education. Gamification mainly depends on transforming the educational process from its obsolete form into an interesting motivational one, which encourages the student to study. Al-Adwaa achieves the previous target through a set of characteristics that revolve around the idea of ​​challenges and goals. For instance, the application devised a system that enables the students to collect points and exchange them for gifts, and it also organizes scientific competitions between the student and their circle of friends. 

    Still, the application offers an amalgamation of fun, excitement, and suspense, through adding a number of features that allow the student to communicate with their friends. For instance, there is a feature called “Social Timeline”, and it enables the students to get to know what is happening within their social network. This feature depends on the social learning concept.

    Al-Adwaa‘s application and its new updates, form a distinctive educational boom that keeps pace with the technologies used worldwide. One of its most important features is designed for the parents and the teachers. This feature provides them with a set of reports based on the analysis of the student's information, and their experience while using the application. By doing so, the parents can follow the level of their children's performance in all subjects, and intervene to enhance their level.

    It is noteworthy that Nahdet Misr Publishing Group has started to move towards digital education since 1998, and specifically when it established Nahdet Misr for Digital Solutions, which is specialized in educational technology. This company works on developing the latest digital educational solutions for Al-Adwaa’s series. The group is also fortified by a huge team of Al-Adwaa’s educational content developers; whether printed or online content. Additionally, the group owns Nahdet Misr for Advertising, and it is a company specialized in developing animation, and educational videos that are used within Al-Adwaa’s application. 

    It should be noted that Al-Adwaa’s educational series always seeks to explore all what is new in the field of education, and works on applying and activating all the state-of-the-art educational means. This is due to the sole purpose of believing in the importance of empowering students and motivating them. Therefore, the group used these latest technological means in a way that benefits the students and supports their life-long learning process.


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