Singapore's BIGO Adds Egypt on the Internet Industry and Artificial Intelligence Map

  • By ; Wasem Emam

    BIGO Technology the Singaporean based company and the leader of the Internet Industry and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has announced that it will increase its investments in the Middle East through its regional office in Egypt, since it has a large number of smart solutions and applications based on AI, which will add a great value to the Information Technology sector in Egypt.

    Jackson Liu, Head of MENA and Europe region announced that "BIGO Technology is planning for expansion in the Middle East through its regional office in Egypt. It will consolidate the concept of Internet Industry among the Egyptian youth and develop their skills to cope with the modern life fast pace".

    In the past we used to work on machines but now we are working with machines and that due to the advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and Big Data analysis that have changed the way we communicate, study, entertain ourselves and even our future jobs.

    BIGO Technology has succeeded to benefit from the vision in the technology market, and is committed to share its Know-how, in internet industry and Artificial Intelligence, with Egypt and the Arab countries.

    It has 170 employees in its regional office in Egypt and is planning to reach around 300 employees by 2020 through its expansion strategy in the Middle East, which will help in providing direct and indirect job opportunities for the Egyptian youth.

    BIGO technology considers Egypt one of the most important markets in the world, because of the major developments in the technological and internet infrastructure and the increase in the number of qualified youth that can meet the needs of international companies.

    Also, there was a successful cooperation agreement between BIGO Technology and Jordan, after a visit made by a high level delegation headed by his highness King Abdullah II and the Jordanian Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship to BIGO Technology headquarters in Singapore, to provide job opportunities for the Jordanian youth in cooperation with the universities and local technology firms to provide the needed training and sharpen their skills in using technology; BIGO Technology is committed to hire 50 experts from the Jordanian youth in AI by 2019.

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