During his meeting with the Secretary General of the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad:

  • Jamal Sadat: Discussing supporting UAE investments in Egypt, solving investors' problems and a meeting soon


    By: Nelly Ali - Adel Farig

    Eng. Gamal Al-Sadat, Chairman of the Egyptian-UAE Business Council, met with Gamal Saif Al-Jarwan, Secretary General of the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad, during his visit to the UAE in order to support the investment relations between Egypt and the UAE during the coming period.

    Eng. Sadat and Al-Jarwan discussed a number of topics, including the consolidation of relations between major entities in the financial and business sector, to support the investment process between the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and to strengthen the strengths to embody the strategic partnership between the two countries, in order to achieve common interests and promote economic development.

    During the meeting, Eng. Gamal Al-Sadat affirmed that the UAE is one of the biggest investors in the Egyptian market.The UAE and its leaders enjoy great love among the Egyptian people and vice versa, where the UAE attaches great importance to Egypt and was one of the most supportive countries in recent years and in the most difficult circumstances.

    He added that we have met today to discuss further cooperation between the two countries and support the UAE investment in Egypt, and to try to attract more investments and emphasize the support of investors currently in the Egyptian market, where UAE investments are distributed in various areas in Egypt, including real estate, tourism, entertainment, petroleum, energy, food and agriculture. .

    He said that Egypt currently possesses attractive elements for investment and investors, due to the existence of real stability, qualified infrastructure, legislation and distinct investment laws, and reliance on the system of digital transformation and ease of transfer of profits abroad, pointing out that the process of economic reform and guarantee investors their money in Egypt decided to return Invest profits again as additional investments without any concern and is a sign of their confidence in the investment climate in Egypt.

    He pointed out that the political leadership in Egypt, led by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Investment Minister Dr. Sahar Nasr, Engineer Amr Nassar, Minister of Industry and Trade, and Engineer Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, have a serious vision to support foreign investment, which is reflected on junior employees Significantly reduced the bureaucracy rate.

    For his part, Jamal Saif Al-Jarwan stressed on the strength of the relationship between the UAE and Egypt, both at the governmental level and the private sector, stressing his optimism in the Egyptian-Emirati Council and the role it plays under the chairmanship of Gamal Sadat because of his great position on the UAE side and his sincerity in serving Egypt. By attracting big investments for her.

    Communicating with the Egyptian-UAE Council is of great importance because of the pulse of the Egyptian market, and we are pleased to cooperate during the coming phase, in light of the distinguished situation of UAE investments in Egypt, stressing that the Egyptian market is promising and attractive for investments.

    Al-Jarwan revealed that 80% of the problems facing UAE investors in the Egyptian market are solved by supporting the political leadership in Egypt and the Egyptian government.


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