Valentines: How have celebrities expressed their love this year on Twitter?

  • By : Nahla Muqalad


    Likes on Twitter are represented by a small heart and are used to show appreciation for a Tweet. You can view liked Tweets from an account’s profile page by clicking or tapping into the Likes tab. Below are the most used love-related emojis on Twitter in the past year, globally:

    1.  😍

    2.  ❤

    3.  💕

    4.  🥰

    5.  💜

    6.  😉

    7.  💙

    8.  😘


    10.              💔


    This Valentines, Twitter takes a look at some of the Tweets that celebrities have liked to see how they’ve expressed their love and appreciation on the platform:


    1.  Mohamed Henedy (@OfficialHenedy) was amongst the 20,000 people who liked Ahmed El Saka (@ElSaka)’s sarcastic reply to his thread with Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy).



    2.  Mona Zaki (@monazaki) liked a fan’s drawing of her and Ahmed Helmy (@ahelmy) - the girl spent three weeks on the drawing, hoping that the stars would see it, and Twitter made her wish come true.



    3.  Also giving fans some love, Cairokee lead singer Amir Eid (@AmirEid) also liked a fan’s Tweet when she dedicated her final art project to the band.




    4.  Egyptian actor Ahmed El Saadany (@AhmedLSaadany) showed Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) some love by liking the football star’s pictures amongst more than 214,000 other people on Twitter after Liverpool won the match against Man United in the Premier League. 




    5.  Showing random support to strangers is extra special, and when it’s Hend Sabry (@HendSabry), it can come as a special surprise. The Tunisian actress liked a Tanta resident’s Tweet, which stated how proud he is of himself to officially call himself a medical student graduate, after being a “Tuk Tuk” driver.




    6.  Tunisian actress Dorra (@dorra_zarrouk) was amongst the fans who liked Youssra’s (@Youssra) Tweet giving fans a sneak peek of her Oscars outfit.



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