The INPLOY platform launches its “In Employ” application after obtaining new investments

  • By ; Mohamed Ettar


    After securing an undisclosed seven figure investment, Egyptian freelance platform Inploy has launched their new platform, which allows freelancers to better contact, communicate with and receive payment from clients throughout multiple industries.


    Tapping into the increasingly digital lifestyles that has become prevalent around the world, as well as shifting attitudes and standards around employment prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic - or rather, by the necessity to work from home - Inploy has created a tech-based solution in the form of a website that serves freelancers, agencies, and clients alike.


    Inploy's services are trusted by over 600 clients, which include notable brands and establishments such as the American University in Cairo, Fawry, Trella, Club S by Sodic, and many more.


    Inploy looks to direct their investment towards building two new features, namely 'Inploy Pay' and the Inploy Application.


     Inploy Pay is a fintech solution which facilitates commissioned payments between clients and service providers (be they freelancers or agencies), including invoicing and tax handling as part of a one-stop-shop experience.


    The feature is close to fruition, having already been tested through more than 100 projects, and allowing freelancers to generate over EGP 1 million in revenue.


    Inploy App - planned to launch on iOS and Android by the beginning of this year - will better allow users to access Inploy’s services no matter where they may be. Inploy plans on extending their services to the workshops and activities industry, with hopes of also launching 'Inploy Experiences' this year.


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