Shofha to partner with Zain Group to extend operations



    By :Nelly AbdHamid - Wael Elhosany 


    Shofha, a video-on-demand mobile application and website platform of ArpuPlus - the specialized mobile communications company in the Middle East, is partnering with Zain Group - yet again- to expand its operation to Sudan.


    Through this association, Zain Group customers will get the opportunity to enjoy Shofha’s new content selection and have exclusive access to its services, Shofha serves Zain customers in Iraq, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, and Jordan. 

    Other than the aforementioned regions, Shofha is also available in Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Palestine. Plans to expand and reach more audience are in progress and Shofha will soon be available in Turkey, Pakistan and Cote d’ivoire. The platform is also in the process of launching its smart TV app to accommodate the changing market needs.


    Medhat Karam, CEO, ArpuPlus, said: “Since Shofha caters to a wide range of audience stretched throughout MENA region, the content applies an exceptional local diversification strategy to make sure that it is appealing to every single one of our customers. The different slangs we provide include - Egyptian, Khaleeji, North African, Syrian, and Tunisian.”


    Shofha platform is keen to provide users across the MENA region with an exemplary viewing experience by offering a wide range of Arabic films, TV shows, animated films, cooking videos, as well as educational videos and unlike its competitors, Shofha offers a ‘Short movies’ category reaching an untapped customer segment. 


    Shofha platform, which was launched in 2016, provides users with an exhaustive content library with more than 25 categories and genres including Arabic movies, classic movies, series, plays, short movies and other entertainment content such as cooking and sports videos. Shofha is currently available in 14 countries across the Middle East and North Africa region with a loyal fan base of customers who always find what they are looking for.

    ArpuPlus aims to make a difference in the MENA region and enhance people’s lives through technologies and platforms that convey news, provide easier ways to order food, seamless payment, online ticket booking, interact with government offices, receive calls, as well as interact with their favorite artists and celebrities. 

    ArpuPlus, which connects the world with 21st century technology, is an adaptive enterprise that aims to achieve results through competence, respect, ethics, and professional development of its team. The specialized mobile communications company seeks to provide excellence with solutions that turn into successful projects for its clients. Established in 2003, ArpuPlus has more than 150 plus experts in 13 offices and three Research and Development (R&D) centers, delivering to 40 plus Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to empower over 75 per cent of MENA's mobile subscribers.


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