Orient Planet Academy launches new diplomas to meet growing demand for Communications and PR talents


    -The diplomas are offered in Journalism, Public Relations and Event Management

    - A new masterclass webinar is being offered to acquaint prospective students with new diplomas



    By : Bakinam Khaled




    Orient Planet Academy, one of the leading online academies in the Arab world dedicated to public relations (PR) and communications practitioners, has launched new diploma programs in Journalism, Public Relations and Event Management. The programs are designed to offer students a comprehensive and in-depth study of their selected subject, while providing the flexibility and convenience of digital learning. 


    The diploma programs, awarded in affiliation with Irish Academy of Public Relations, offer advanced coursework and more specialized curricula. The modulus of the Diploma in Journalism covers broad topics including news reporting, feature writing, blogging, audio and video journalism, web journalism, newsletter writing, conducting interviews, and basic media laws. The diploma aims to provide students with highly marketable skills required to thrive in both traditional and modern media landscapes. 


    Under the Diploma in Public Relations, students can learn various skills such as writing a press release, crisis PR, organising events, corporate identity, social media, marketing, working with bloggers, content creation, photography, and writing ezines. Additionally, the Diploma in Event Management includes 15 modules which cover various aspects of planning and managing an event in different scenarios. The diploma covers broad areas of event management including the basic principles, promotion, proposal, crisis management, organising physical and virtual events, and creating content.


    In addition to the new diplomas, a new masterclass webinar was also introduced last year. The masterclasses, which are held once a month, seek to drive the interest of potential students to the new diploma programs. The classes cover different subjects that focus on attracting further clients and communications professionals. Orient Planet Academy will also launch three new Diploma programs in Digital PR, Content Creation and News Reporting, in response to the rising demand for skilled individuals. 


    Nidal Abou Zaki, Managing Director, Orient Planet Group, said: “The launch of our new diploma programs marks a significant investment in the future workforce. Our goal is to provide students with knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the competitive job market. We understand the necessity of personalisation in modern education practices, that is why we offer flexible learning options that allow students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. The newly launched diplomas at Orient Planet Academy aim to support those individuals looking to launch a new career or pursue a personal interest. Additionally, it provides a new opportunity for those PR and communications professionals to understand the new trends in the industry and upskill themselves to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving market.”


    The global pandemic created a massive transition in the education system, with a threefold increase in online course enrolments, reaching 71 million in 2020, and 92 million in 2021.* This increase reflects the growing global acceptance of online education, which includes a rise in distant learners attending higher education courses, as well as those from vulnerable or remote communities.


    Orient Planet Academy, which was launched amid the changing face of educational practices in the Middle East, focusses on serving students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the competitive job market. 





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