Beacon FinTrain Partners with GB Corp to Enhance the Role of Financial Education and training for professionals.

  • In a significant step towards enhancing the role of financial and professional education in the Middle East and Africa, Beacon FinTrain has announced a strategic partnership with GB Corp to enhance professional financial education and training.

    Beacon FinTrain is a leading organization specializing in professional training and development in finance and is the exclusive partner of the Association for Financial Professionals “AFP” in the region.

    An MoU has been signed between Beacon FinTrain and GB Corp, aimed at improving the quality of financial training and enriching the professional education sector in the Middle East and Africa. This partnership aims at developing and training financial and managerial expertise within GB Corp and its subsidiaries, integrating Beacon FinTrain's expertise in specialized training programs for employee and financial manager development with GB Corp's industrial sector experience.

    Beacon FinTrain will offer a specialized program that includes a suite of training programs in financial management and development, in addition to finance training programs specifically designed for non - Financial professionals the best local and international experts.

    Professional international finance certificates will also be offered through GB Academy to enhance the efficiency of the workforce and keep pace with the rapid transformations in business specifically from a finance perspective.

    Dr. Waleed Arafat, Chief Marketing Officer at Beacon FinTrain, emphasized the importance of financial education and training for non-financials in facing the rapid transformations in the business sector related to the financial industry.

    Dr. George Sidky, Chief Human Resources Officer at GB Corp, outlined the goals of this cooperation, which aims at developing customized training programs and utilizing modern financial technologies to improve and develop the financial education in the training sector.

    Mr. Mina Nasif, Managing Director, Partnerships, MEA, with AFP, pointed out that the banking and financial sector is experiencing rapid developments that require continuous improvement of financial skills and competencies, in addition to a quick response to market changes.

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