Orange cooperates With "Tabibi" to Provide "Home" and "Online" Medical Examination Services to its Customers 24/7


    By ; Nahla Makled – Shaima Hassan

    Orange Egypt has announced its cooperation with TABIBI clinics to avail the necessary health support to Orange customers, whether through tele-consultations, online home care services, doctor home visits or clinical visits. In addition, Orange customers will get the gold membership in TABIBI programs with 25% discount.

    The new partnership is part of Orange Egypt continuous efforts to offer a wide range of exclusive services to its customers in all fields especially during the COVID-19 outbreak as many customers want to receive medical care services in an easy and safe ways, while it is being advised by doctors not to go to hospitals unless it is absolutely necessary.

    The various services provided by Orange and TABIBI include a list of doctors in all fields and specialties and this is in cooperation with several hospitals such as Dar Al-Fouad Hospital and Al-Salam International Hospital, as well as other medical services institutions such as the Nile Scan & Labs and NSA Labs. Orange customers can also get the service through TABIBI clinics or through these hospitals via the hotline 8000 or through the website

    For its part, TABIBI offers unique medical services in the Egyptian market while relying on a professional team of brilliant doctors and senior consultants specializing in various sectors with a large fleet of specialized and trained nursing staff who are licensed to serve patients. Furthermore, TABIBI services include home visits to the elderly people. In addition, TABIBI team is working 24/7 to provide customers with dedicated home visit services in addition to providing all kinds of vaccinations for children at home.

    Commenting on this occasion, Ahmed El Abd, Chief Commercial Officer at Orange Egypt expressed his pleasure for partnering with TABIBI to provide this vital service to millions of Orange customers in a very critical period to the outbreak of COVID-19.   

    “Orange is always eager to meet the needs of its clients through providing exclusive and outstanding services. In the light of the increasing demand for health and medical services, providing services ensuring quick and safe solutions have become essential during these circumstances. Therefore, we attempted to provide superior service to our customers in cooperation with a professional partner who provides health services with the highest possible quality. " El Abd said.

    “Since the outbreak of coronavirus crisis, Orange worked hard on implementing multiple initiatives and campaigns that aimed to support the State’s efforts while providing a safe work environment for the employees, and ensuring providing high quality services to its customers with the same efficiency and in easier manner,” he added.

    Prof. Dr. Khalil Abdel-Khalek, Co-founder and CEO of Tabibi 24/7, stated that the company's mission since its inception is to provide high-quality medical service in a way that suits the patient's condition, including home medical care. He added that the partnership with Orange enhances the role of technology in modernizing the performance of medical services and activating the role of telemedicine in a manner commensurate with the developments of the current situation to reach the best health outcomes for patients”.

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