realme launches its first 108MP camera and trendsetting photography features

  • By ; Basel Khaled



    realme, the fastest-growing smartphone and AI-supported devices’ manufacturer worldwide has announced its latest trendsetting technology in photography and videography. The new 108MP camera will be released for the first time in the mid-range price category.

    The new announcement follows a successful streak of events and product launches in 2019, including a 64MP quad-camera, supporting AI technology


    In addition, realme Global’s Chief Development of Camera Technology, Alessio, has assured that the novel built-in technology offered by the company is supported by AI. Thus, allowing photography and videography enthusiasts to pursue their passions on budget.


    The revolutionary camera includes highly-advanced, 9-in-1 pixel binning sensors enabling the camera to integrate, as the name entails, between nine small pixels in one larger pixel; allowing an unmatched quality of photos, even with dim or low lighting. Moreover, the camera’s novel Sensor Zoom pave the way for a new starry mode 2.0. The effortless mode captures night photos and videos without incapacitating ROM and RAM.


    Chief of Camera Technology at realme Global has also added: “We’ve developed a new Tilt-Shift Mode, offering a wide array of features and transitions between shapes, angles, positions, and bokeh size. Moreover, the new camera supports an advanced Portrait Filter; changing the background to black and white while retaining skin color, enhancing bokeh mode, creating a sense of speed.


    Mahmoud Taha, realme Egypt’s spokesperson, has said that the new advanced photography technology announced by the company will completely alter smartphone users’ needs around the world. “For the first time around, these AI-supporting features will be available in mid-range smartphones.”

    Taha added that realme’s motto: “Dare to Leap” reveals the company’s futuristic vision in developing advanced smartphones and AI products. Realme’s goal is not solely coping with today’s technologies, but to innovate and present them to the audience

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