«S Wellness» First Egyptian Clinic to win «Quality and Excellency» reward from Dubai

  • By ; Nahla Ahmed



    The supreme committee of International Conference for Quality and Excellency honored Sally Samir «S Wellness» clinic executive manager, as she was awarded with “excellency and quality” reward for the center’s achievements and its ability to fulfill patients’ needs and follow the precautionary measures.

    This was through the eighth edition of the conference held by International Dimond Pyramid based in Dubai.


    «S Wellness» presents new and innovative perception about health care in the Egyptian market, besides the clinic provides measures to guarantee an easy and safe way for health care services, and satisfy patients’ needs.


    “The current session of the conference focuses on excellency principles and their role to increase productivity” Said Dr Ibrahim Mersal. “we aim to shed the lights on excellency models and collect influencers and companies whom present these principles to make such principles a daily lifestyle.”


    The most prominent personalities honored by the conference are “Super Star Yousra, Nelly Kareem, Syrian super star Gamal Suliman, and Syrian actor Bassel El Khayat” for their excellent artistic role. Besides honoring Member of Parliament Abdel Hady Al Kasab head of supporting Egypt Coalition, Dr Aneesa Hassouna Al Nas hospital Manager, Parliament members Magdy Malik, Mohamed Mostafa El Sallab, and Mohamed Omar.


    “We are proud of this reward and being the first Egyptian clinic works digitally” Sally Samir Said “we depend on digital tools in the whole patient’s journey, starting form reservation, filing, archiving, and following up with doctors”


    “We have an expansion plan in 2021to reach 8 branches all over Egypt, as we aim to enhance our investments to relive individual suffering and making a positive impact on their lives. During the current year, we strive to achieve more achievements for the benefit of our patients and our society.

    “We work continuously to innovate new ways to serve our community as our priority is to provide the domestic community with latest and high quality services, that’s why we depend on medical expertise and at the same time we integrate that with latest medical tools and techniques under an ethical umbrella”.


    «S Wellness» provides Most of the specialties that the Egyptian citizen needs, such as "children, dermatology, orthopedics, urinary tracts, gastrointestinal tract, surgery, ear, nose and throat, abdomen, gynecology, heart surgery, nutrition, plastic surgery" in addition to a strong presence of laboratories (Daman) which have 6 branches all over Egypt. The clinics also provide Telephone consultations, home visits, and home physiotherapy services with all precautionary measures.

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