For the first time : LG Egypt Launch its state-of-the-art OLED professional monitor to satisfy the needs of the content producers

  • By : Mohamed Shawky



    LG Egypt launched today its UltraFine™ 65EP5G OLED professional monitor, which was awarded Reddot Winner for 2021 and iF Design Award for 2021.


    LG’s UltraFine™ 65EP5G OLED professional monitor builds upon the capabilities of LG’s OLED displays, recognized by a Technology and Engineering Emmy® award, and incorporates additional features and functionality to meet the needs of professionals.


    LG’s state-of-the-art 65-inch professional monitor has 3840*2160 native resolution and comes with advanced calibration functionality which enables the display to achieve better picture quality for enhanced viewer immersion and productivity – enabled by LG’s proprietary software (SuperSign for White Balance).

    It also supports programmable hardware 1D & 3D LUTs and multiple color-accurate profiles for rapid transitioning between calibrated modes.


    LG’s newly launched professional monitor Utilize a range of input interfaces, including HDMI, quad loop-thru SDI* (BNC), and IP (SFP + & RJ45).

    LG’s monitor is also equipped with a unique control panel which provides shortcuts to frequently used functions and profiles, featuring different monitor settings and picture quality options – making editing, color grading and programming seamless.


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