Ooredoo Group selects Ericsson as Digital Transformation and Business Support Systems (BSS) transformation partner

  • Ericsson Business Support Systems (BSS) will enable digitalization, innovation, shortened time-to-market and business opportunities across several Ooredoo operating companies

    · Ericsson solutions to drive Ooredoo Group’s digital transformation strategy, business operational excellence and customer experience transformation programs

    ·Indosat Ooredoo and Ooredoo Kuwait are already deploying Ericsson BSS, achieving goals of faster innovation and time-to-market



    By : Basel Khaled



    The Ooredoo Group, a major multinational communications service provider with operations spanning the Middle East, Africa and Asia, has selected Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) as its next-generation digital transformation partner for Business Support Systems (BSS) solutions.


    The companies have signed a five-year group frame agreement spanning the deployment of the latest Ericsson BSS solutions across several Ooredoo Group operating companies. The deployment will give Ooredoo a new set of capabilities across its business operations in the customer, product, revenue and service management domains.


    The solutions will serve any type of customer or partner, network technology or chargeable event.


    Ericsson BSS solutions will help Ooredoo to drive innovation and boost customer satisfaction through shortened time-to-market, more flexibility and increased efficiency.


    Under the partnership, Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform will be the strategic target solution for the most evolved operating companies of the Ooredoo Group. Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform is a convergent charging and billing solution to monetize all network technologies (including 5G), all business models and all customer types.


    It is designed to meet communications service providers’ increasing demand for end-to-end best-in-suite solutions that combine powerful business performance with cost efficient operations, management, and deployment.


    Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform will drive Ooredoo’s digital transformation by enabling convergence, providing cost efficiency and minimizing time-to-market for new Ooredoo customer offerings, as well as promoting innovation.

    Indonesia’s Indosat Ooredoo is the first of the Ooredoo operating companies to transform its full BSS stack with Ericsson DMP. Ooredoo Tunisia, Ooredoo Kuwait and Ooredoo Oman have also recently selected Ericsson Charging to improve their customer digital experiences.

    In addition to Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform  and Ericsson Charging, the frame agreement also includes Ericsson BillingEricsson Catalog ManagerEricsson Order CareEricsson Dynamic Activation and Ericsson Mediation to support Ooredoo’s digital transformation and monetization programs across several of its operating companies.


    Nigel Thomas Byrne, Group Chief Technology Information Officer, Ooredoo, says: “Ericsson’s Business Support Systems portfolio provides a holistic view and roadmap for Ooredoo’s goal of digital transformation and enables us to provide seamless connectivity and innovative services to our customers. Ericsson’s end-to-end solutions will support Ooredoo’s requirements of delivering best-in-class services to consumers and businesses in record time, and leading technology performance. We are confident in Ericsson’s technology leadership and ability to maximize 5G opportunities.”


    Jan Karlsson, Head of Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson, says: “Digitalization is transforming the entire Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry and opening up a whole host of opportunities with it. Today’s agreement confirms our position as a major partner to the Ooredoo Group and we are proud to extend the relationship into the future and across Ooredoo Operating Companies. We are looking forward to working together to accelerate the Ooredoo Group’s digital transformation goals and enable their Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) strategies.







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