NTRA meets with the leaders of Vodafone Egypt in the presence of the user who is the owner of the quarrel


    By :Mohamed El Kholy -  Mohamed Helmy

    Within the framework of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority “NTRA” carrying out a role in protecting users’ rights and achieving a balanced relationship between users of telecommunications services and their providers, the NTRA, headed by Eng. Hossam El-Gamal, summoned the leaders of Vodafone Egypt to investigate the quarrel that occurred in one of the company’s branches, which was recently circulated through the means of communication The social event was attended by Ahmed Bayoumi (the user who was the owner of the quarrel), in order to find out the circumstances of that incident and review the procedures and policies applied by the company in dealing with users and to detect any shortcomings that might negatively affect the relationship with users.

    The agency stressed that the regulatory instructions and procedures it imposes on companies operating in the sector are binding and not tolerated. On the other hand, the Agency reviewed the reconciliation report concluded between the company and the user and made sure that the reconciliation process took place naturally and with the user’s satisfaction and without any pressures or external influences.

    The agency also stressed the companies operating in the Egyptian market the need to periodically review the implementation of procedures for dealing with the public in their branches or through call centers, and the need to qualify employees to deal with users in accordance with the data and procedures approved by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

    For his part, Mr. Ayman Essam, Head of the External Relations and Legal Affairs Sector at Vodafone Egypt, thanked the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for its quick intervention and standing for the whole truth, stressing that what happened with Mr. Ahmed Bayoumi is an individual incident that cannot happen and does not represent the company, and that the company’s policy Regarding customer rights, which would have provided the service to 44 million users, is something that the company will not deviate from.

    For his part, Mr. Ahmed Bayoumi, the owner of the quarrel, indicated that he is convinced that what happened is an individual accident and not an institutional accident, and that he is confident in the integrity of the investigations and internal audit procedures that the company conducts with customer service employees in this regard, and Mr. Ahmed Bayoumi praised the role of the National Authority To organize communications and his response to what happened.

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