Yasser Ali President of "Spectrami" Egypt for "Alam Rakamy ": Launch of the latest integrated information security solutions using AI technology at GITEX Dubai 2019

  • Egypt office achieved 4 times the target .. We seek to strengthen the capabilities of business enterprises for digital transformation

    2 million job opportunities available in the global data security market

    We are in 40 countries and 60 million dollars worth of business in the Middle East


    Interview: Khaled Hassan

    Prepared for publication: Shaima Hassan

    Despite the increasing demand for information technology and the communications revolution in the Arab countries, whether at the level of individuals or business, but unfortunately did not keep pace with the same level of awareness of the need to take adequate steps to secure this information structure from tampering with any hacker or hackers This has created a great challenge for all private business organizations as well as government agencies and agencies about their future vision for securing data on how to invest in this sector, developing the performance of personnel and technologies, and risk management.

    A recent study by the Gartner Institute for Global Studies and Research revealed that the global rate of information security spending, which means securing technological and electronic transactions, including banking information technology and the prevention of hacker attacks, which amounted to about 120 billion dollars in 2018 and is expected to exceed the size Global spending in the field of information security is about 160 billion dollars by the end of this year, as America and Europe will have the lion's share in this market by more than 71%.

    She pointed out that this rise in the rate of spending increased thanks to government initiatives, and increased legislation, and the growth of sophisticated data breaches. To increase the prices of most security products in the European region by up to 20%.

    Gartner Research also confirmed that spending on information security technology and services is growing in the enterprise sector in the Middle East and North Africa to reach $ 1.9 billion in 2019, with an estimated 9.8% increase this year compared to 2018. The risk is that new spending rates will be applied to other areas of cloud computing and data security, in response to regulatory requirements and as organizations become more aware of their growing need to face more complex security threats. ”

    On the Egyptian market, the size of the information security market is estimated by some experts to be around $ 100 million. This does not reflect the challenges and challenges that can be faced by the national information infrastructure. It is enough to point out that the total investments of the current electricity network exceed 44 billion pounds. What if the network was hacked and disrupted, as happened in a number of countries in the world, including Ukraine and the United States of America.

    To learn more about the most important challenges of the field of information security and the opportunities it offers Arab youth, “ Alam Rakamy “  had this meeting with Yasser Ali, CEO of Spectrami in Egypt and the Levant region, which specializes in providing integrated security solutions.

    Innovative solutions

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    The company is participating in the activities of the 39th edition of GITEX Dubai Technology 2019 as one of the most important events related to technology in the Middle East and Africa, where the company showcases a range of integrated security solutions for our customers from the best technology developers, which is known as Vendor Extension Model (VEM) which It is based on AI technology and is characterized by a combination of a high level of innovation in providing these comprehensive solutions while at the same time flexible and adapting to the changing requirements of customers, which has always reflected on our amazing growth in the past years.

    He added that the global company now serves more than 40 countries through our various offices throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa with future plans to expand to other regions in the coming years, explaining that our experience in the Middle East and Egypt was very positive where the size of the company's distribution exceeded the value of As we see this momentum, we will continue to invest in Shabakat and we will continue to invest in $ 60 million. Our regional channels and suppliers, with unique cybersecurity solutions for enterprises in all countries of the region.

    Solutions for mobile devices for $ 20

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    Awareness-raising and dissemination of data security culture of the risk of information security is one of the most important challenges we face, especially in light of the growing Hall of users of information technology, computers and mobile phones, and therefore we hope that the principles of "information protection" as a curriculum for our students in schools to have a culture of optimal dealing With their data in the digital age.

    He added that we provide solutions to secure mobile devices for users who download them from the Internet at a cost of about $ 20 per month that can protect users' data from any spying or penetration of their devices and steal their information or financial blackmail or use their devices in criminal operations without feeling.

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