During its annual meeting with the media delegation on the sidelines of GITEX Dubai 2019

  • Sadat: Etisalat is able to provide the Egyptian market with new solutions and services that support economic activity


    LE 100 million investments in social responsibility programs and innovative solutions for community development


    Hazem: 50 billion pounds total investments "Etisalat" Egypt .. We target 2 million electronic financial portfolio


    We are competing for several government tenders, including an Internet of Things project in the new administrative capital.


    Hegazy: 7.1 billion pounds revenues of "Etisalat" Egypt in the first half .. And 7 thousand stations, including 5 thousand for 4G


    EGP 4.5 billion investments in 2019 and we have a successful experience to provide e-government services on mobile




    Dubai By : Khaled Hassan


    Eng. Gamal Al-Sadat, Chairman of Etisalat Misr Rad Company, confirmed the question of "Digital World" about opening a new page of cooperation between the four telecommunication network operators under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. This success is due to the unknown soldiers efforts of Engineer Hazem Metwally and Khaled Hegazy. Working with them to resolve these disputes, since the relationship with Telecom Egypt, for example, is unacceptable to any disputes, so we all sought to conclude settlement agreements between the NTRA and all mobile operators to resolve all disputes, which lasted for a decade, as a result of Some mobile operators in front of the judicial bodies and some arbitration decisions issued in 2009 on mutual between different mobile networks, calls prices, which led to the difference in the calculation of these prices and the outbreak of financial ways Nations eliminate conflicts with values ​​in excess of 2 billion pounds.


    He added that it is normal to have competition among mobile operators to improve services. This is positive, but there should be no conflicts and judicial disputes. This is an environment that is not encouraging and its negative impact on the stability and clarity of the mechanisms of interaction between operators in the Egyptian telecommunications sector.


    The Egyptian market is facing great challenges in terms of the presence of 4 operators and the high cost of operating the service more than ever the launch of Etisalat services in 2007, but "Etisalat" is on track


    He added that the government is currently working on the principle of transparency in dealing with investors and the market has a competitive advantage after floating the pound in November 2016.He said that the company's investments in community services amounted to about 100 million pounds, where we have a responsible towards investors, represented in development and growth, and towards customers, favor services. We also focus on the health field through Etisalat Community Development which was established since 2013 and contribute to 100 million health campaign.


    Gamal Al-Sadat, Chairman of Etisalat Misr, said that the decision to put a stake in the company on the stock exchange is subject to the decision of the shareholders of the UAE's Etisalat Group and not the executive management in Egypt.


    This came during the activities of the annual media conference of the company at the headquarters of the `` Etisalat '' UAE during its recent participation in the activities of the exhibition `` GITEX Technology 2019 '', which was held at the World Trade Center in Dubai.


    Ready for 5G services


    Responding to the question of "digital world" about the company's readiness to provide 5G services in the Egyptian market, Eng. Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Egypt, confirmed that 5G technologies are the future of telecommunications networks and there are many operators who have already conducted practical experiments to implement this technology. We are ready in case the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) decided to issue new licenses for the use of 5G, but so far we do not see the need for this technology in the Egyptian market, especially since we have not exploited the potential of 4G technologies and there are still great growth opportunities. Only 50% of our customers use Moon fourth-generation services, noting that it Ertat there is a need for these technologies in the market rather than the size of the required financial investments and the number of fourth-generation plants exceeded about 5 thousand of the station's total about 7000 stations company Etisalat Egypt.


    2 million users of our portfolio


    Asked by Etisalat about the total number of Etisalat's wallet users, he said that there are about one million users at the moment, but we are aiming to reach 2 million customers in Etisalat's cash conservative services. Etisalat application, including electricity and water bills, Etisalat has started to focus on financial inclusion and portfolio services.


    Etisalat is competing for several government tenders, including an Internet project in the new administrative capital, through an alliance with several companies. He expressed optimism that the Internet of Things will soon be settled in favor of the company, where there is an alliance between Etisalat and a number of other companies. Practical evidence that they can be used with confidence in major government projects.


    Regarding the possibility of offering Etisalat Egypt fixed telephone services, the company currently has about 1,000 lines since the launch of the service last May, where any business can get a fixed line from our branches. ADSL and mobile services, as well as convinced two months ago an agreement with the residential compound "CFC" known for its high technical requirement, pointed to the existence of negotiations with a number of real estate development companies, including on the delivery of triple communication services, which includes "voice and image", and data transfer during the The next stage.


    Cost challenges


    Regarding the increase in the cost of operating the service to customers, since the float of the Egyptian pound in November 2016, Metwally said that despite the positive move, it led to a cost increase of between 70 and 80%, where we have to pay double rent fees to the New Urban Communities Authority for the construction of towers stations. Many of the stations' rental potential has increased the cost of renting, pointing out that the company aims to increase its business in the corporate solutions sector to 20% instead of the current 10%.


    In response to a question about a digital world about the company's investments in order to improve its network and develop services, Khaled Hegazy, head of corporate sector at Etisalat Egypt, explained that investments next year will not be less than the investments of the current year 2019, ie 4.5 billion pounds. 40% of the total revenues of the company by the end of the year, is expected to exceed the revenues of Internet services from Etisalat voice revenues and calls in 2020 to reach about 60%.


    The biggest investment in the sector


    Regarding the size of Etisalat Egypt's investments, Hegazy said that the LE 50 billion barrier is the largest in the sector due to its entry after 10 years from other operators. There is also a long-term planning for investments. The company's investments in 2018 amounted to LE 4.5 billion, the same as in 2019.


     On the total revenues of "Etisalat" Egypt, he said that it exceeded about LE 7.14 billion during the first half of this year, compared with LE 6 billion during the first half of the previous year with a growth rate of 18%.


    For his part, the head of the institutional sector of the company, that the company's capital is currently up to 20 billion pounds after the recent increase made by the group some time ago, reflecting the confidence of the group in the Egyptian market,


    He said that the Quality of Service Report issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) indicates that services provided by Etisalat are generally improved, while we retain some observations about the measurement method and present the results.


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