Bawadi Mall set to create new tradition with upcoming launch of ‘Happy Monday’ campaign in December


    By ; Nelly All


    As part of its ongoing commitment to provide its shoppers with the

    best shopping, entertainment, and dining experience, Bawadi Mall, the

    largest shopping mall in Al Ain, is creating a new tradition at the

    shopping centre beginning December this year with the upcoming launch

    of its exciting ‘Happy Monday’ campaign.


    Set to commence on December 2, 2019, the ‘Happy Monday’ campaign’s

    landmark debut will coincide with the UAE’s 48th founding anniversary.

    Bawadi Mall will mount a host of entertainment and fun activities

    during the launch to mark the start of the campaign.


    Bassam Saleh, Director of Marketing, Bawadi Mall, said: “From its

    launch date, this thrilling initiative will be implemented every

    Monday thereafter. Special promos and offers and super deals will be

    up for grabs in most of the Bawadi Mall Stores. The participating

    outlets will unveil their respective special offerings that are

    available during the special day only.”


    The 145,000-square-metre Bawadi Mall, Al Ain’s ultimate shopping,

    dining, and leisure destination, houses more than 400 outlets,

    including regional and international retail brands of fashion, food,

    and jewelry.


    “The message that we want to convey to our shoppers through this

    ‘Happy Monday’ campaign is that we have it all regardless of the day

    of the week and not just during weekends when the number of our

    shoppers is typically at its peak. On all days of the week, the

    weekends have higher footfall and turnover than the weekdays. However,

    we learned that our entertainment stores attract higher traffic on

    Mondays thanks to their regular promos for that day. We aim to

    replicate this success throughout Bawadi Mall, hence, we decided to

    convert the regular Monday into ‘Happy Monday,” Saleh added.


    According to Saleh, Bawadi Mall also aims to entice more customers to

    visit the shopping centre not just to take advantage of the special

    offers but also to have more fun and entertainment throughout the



    Bawadi Mall boasts a 18,000-sqm state-of-the-art Family Entertainment

    Centre, which features a range of fun activities, from roller coaster

    ride to ice skating; eight movie theatres; a 16-lane bowling alley; a

    distinctively rich food court; and several casual dining alternatives

    offering delicious varieties of cuisines.

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