Invertium announces the launch of TIP program in Cairo This week

  • By : Adel Farig


    In conformity with its regional prestige in innovation and entrepreneurship, and to entrench the competitive advantages that qualify it to lead the locomotive of innovation in the African continent, Invertium, the leading UAE company in the field of marketing for business sectors, today announced the selection of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to announce the launch of TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PIONEERS (TIP) program. The initiative was launched by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi in line with the UAE's 2071 strategy, with the aim of promoting the ecosystem of entrepreneurship that will confront the challenges of the world and enhance the future of entrepreneurs. During its visit to Cairo, Invertium aims to meet the decision makers and all those interested in the innovation and entrepreneurship sector in Egypt; from universities and research centers, non-profit development institutions, investors interested in innovation and entrepreneurship projects, entrepreneurs and innovators. The pilot launch of The Open Innovation Platform will be officially announced to promote ideas and innovations in a number of key areas, such as: healthcare, environmental protection, the fields of energy, facility management and other areas that benefit the future of humanity. An elite group of investors from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt will participate in the meeting, which is scheduled to be held on Monday, November 11th. Commenting on this statement, Mr. Walid El-Dawy, CEO of Invertium, said: “Our choice for the Egyptian market is because of Egypt being the fastest growing country in the Middle East and North Africa in the startup sector according to the statistics of the year 2018. Egypt is an incubator environment for innovators, and it is characterized by an ambitious and stimulating government vision for the innovation system and is therefore the most willing to lead the locomotive of innovation locally and globally by embracing the initiatives that aim to empower the components of the system and provide a globally leading environment of innovation and technology. It should be noted that The TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION PIONEERS (TIP) program supports innovators and entrepreneurs in a number of countries, most notably Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, and Singapore. 

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