OmniClouds leading the emerging markets’ in Software defined and AI deep learning technologies by solving the internet last mile dilemma

  •  By ; Bakinam Khaled 


    Omniclouds is the one-stop solution for emerging markets as cloud computing is at an all-time high, economies throughout the world begin to reap the long-promised benefits of computation as a service.


    This is especially significant to emerging economies, with a large expansion across the whole world, to almost 50 countries with 100,000 + users and 100+ partners around the globe. 

    Omniclouds solution provides top quality solutions in cloud and AI with low upfront investments, which is ideal for all sectors such educations, government, security, retails, F&B, Gaz and Oil, banking and much more.

    This is essentially useful for nations with large populations, which are increasingly joining the digital world through mobile and other devices. 

    Our latest SDX ICT services speed up business and data communication for a faster and more flexible cloud-based data analysis which is a key factor to any successful business or project focusing on the emerging markets need, where its compliance, cloud access, guest access custom or direct internet access...said Mohamed Deiki – Head of Marketing of Omniclouds

    He also added, we unveiled in Cairo ICT the next AI solution,  CORTEX41, the next generation of AI solution in the region, one solution with almost unlimited features from Identify Movements, Object abandoned & missing detection, Area protection, Loitering detection, stranger detection to Face recognition, People-counting and smart search,  a premium solution with the model pay-as-you-go, for any industry, business which will helps customers convert fixed costs into variable costs as our solutions compatible with any type of camera. 

    We are very proud to translate our experiences and solution of SDX ICT services and our latest Ai “Cortext41” to Cairo ICT this year, a platform were great minds and latest tech will take our regional digital era to the next level. 

    OmniClouds latest technology and infrastructure is easier to install, maintain and update than any traditional providers hardware, and is easily accessible to less technologically savvy customers. This relative low barrier of entry is central to the benefits that Omniclouds brings to emerging economies, as they allow to imitate developed nations infrastructures at a fraction of the cost. 


    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن