Osama El-Deeb, Director of VMware Regional Sales Partners for “Alam Rakamy ”

  • With 350 thousand applications per week, our goal is to organize the chaos of computing and applications and help institutions


    -      We are committed to enhancing our investments in Egypt and adopting innovative methods to secure corporate data

    -      Vmware is a strategic partner with most governments and research centers in the Middle East to accelerate digitization



    Dubai: Khaled Hassan

    Prepared for publication: Bakinam Khaled - Rasha Hussein



    Vmware, which is specialized in infrastructure, cloud and virtual computing, platform provision, electronic applications and management of mobile technologies, was keen during its participation in the company's annual conference "VMware EXPLORE", which it organized recently in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in the presence of 120 journalists from different countries of the world and about 20 thousand experts, partners and customers of the company in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, where it reviewed its latest innovations in the various fields of computing, information security, modernization of data centers and digital work environments to enable the digital transformation process in the Middle East.


    “Alam Rakamy” reviews, in the following lines, the details of its dialogue with Osama El-Deeb, director of Vmware’s Sales Partners Department in the Middle East and North Africa, to get a closer look at its latest solutions for managing multi-cloud computing, cyber security, and solutions for modernizing data centers and hybrid infrastructure, and virtual techniques.

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    - Akad Egypt has become enjoying a strong economy and has great opportunities for growth, and therefore we have plans to expand in the Egyptian market and increase the number of workers in our office in Cairo, where there is an integrated team of vendors and technical support in Egypt, noting that a "center of excellence" was recently opened in the Fifth Settlement area in Egypt, which includes A team of Egyptians to provide technical support services at the level of Africa and the Middle East, and this means that there is a job opportunity that is expected to double the number of workers in this center in the coming period, as it has doubled twice since its establishment, because Egypt has good human cadres at competitive prices.

    He pointed out that the company is growing significantly through its keenness to provide non-traditional solutions commensurate with the needs of all business institutions, as we have succeeded in achieving double growth since our presence in the region and we are still in the expansion stage.

     Digital Transformation

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    - Emphasized that digital transformation is a top priority for IT managers in the Middle East, and a successful digital transformation is not considered a one-time technical project, but must take place during a continuous business journey that focuses on the experiences of customers, consumers and citizens. GITEX Technology Week is the ideal platform to highlight to CIOs the capabilities of cloud computing in providing secure and exceptional mobile experiences that enhance competitiveness within various business sectors.”


    Demonstrating the value of the benefits offered by digital transformation, he added, is that nearly half of the companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa that have successfully deployed digital work environments, can improve the revenue streams and necessary administrative costs, according to a report on "Digital Work Environments" issued by "In VMware recently.

     Integrated platform


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    During the VMware Explore 2022 conference, VMware revealed a set of innovations, new products and services, and expanded partnerships that underscore its commitment to helping customers innovate and achieve success in today's cloud-based world. As customers continue the process of digital transformation to develop business, accelerate innovation and improve the level of customer services, VMware and its system of partners support these companies to help them overcome the challenges of multiple cloud environments and determine the best ones to run digital applications and services at the highest level of efficiency.


    Emphasize the multi-cloud environment is the final stop that companies from different technical backgrounds seek, because it is an environment that gives companies the ability to accelerate the wheel of digital innovations.


    He added, “VMware” recently acquired a number of companies that have solutions that integrate with our solutions that can be provided to help customers take advantage of multiple cloud computing solutions at a cost within the budget. Storage requirements and in a manner that ensures higher flexibility for business enterprises in the mechanization of all work steps and help in increasing the productivity of its workers and not replacing them, as the role of technology is to provide time for employees in any institution and not to waste it in routine work and make better use of his time and access to the electronic network of the institution from any Place easily and here comes the importance of special computing solutions without fears of electronic penetration and the security rate is very high.

    Moving to the cloud


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    - VMware announced the introduction of cloud and edge computing infrastructure solutions that help companies accelerate their transition to the cloud environment and enable them to raise the efficiency of operating digital applications and services, extending and securing them throughout the public, private and edge cloud environments. VMware and its public cloud partners continue to help customers migrate and operate their applications and services in any public cloud of their choice. In this context, VMware also unveiled new innovations in cybersecurity and networking to help customers solidify the adoption of a cloud-based operating model.

    Supporting a hybrid workforce

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    - Companies to attach importance to the work of employees from anywhere and their digital experiences that are safe and free of complications. In this regard, the company announced new developments in its VMware Anywhere Workspace platform, including automation capabilities for end-user environments in companies so that technology teams can do more with greater ease and in less time.


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    - We are fully aware that any organization has a technological infrastructure and does not want to sacrifice it and start from scratch, so we work to maximize the benefit of the infrastructure that already has and build on the same technological infrastructure and work to raise the efficiency of the network by combining storage units without the need to replace them, as our solutions allow the work of A virtual network for computers and different screens, which leads to maximizing the benefit of the infrastructure, which is in line with the needs of some fields, especially education, education or health, and the work of updating all devices connected to the virtual network and the work of developing networks with ease through the technology department of these parties.

     Preparing human cadres

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    - Of course, the qualification of human cadres is the most important priority of the company to support its presence in the region, whether through our commitment to training users and our customers or training human cadres with our local partners, and even training university students and training cadres with all partners. We have a responsibility to develop and assist cadres.


    He added that on the level of users, we are working to raise the efficiency of the user, as any new technology goes through 4 stages, starting from its development until it is presented commercially. goals of new technology.


    He pointed out that regarding the training of university students, we have a “VMware Academic” program, which aims to help students obtain the required technical training and qualify them to obtain the certificate approved by “VMware.” of students in a number of universities.

    multi cloud

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    - El-Deeb said that VMware Cross-Cloud™ services help customers keep pace with the demands of the multi-cloud era. The requirements of the multi-cloud era from cloud chaos to intelligent cloud. VMware Cross-Cloud™ Services are a suite of cloud services that provide a unified and simplified way to develop, run, access and secure any application on any cloud and with any device.

    The pillars of VMware services include Cross-Cloud™ Application Platform, Cloud Management, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure, Security and Networking, as well as Workspace Anywhere.


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    He said we have a complete educational experimental platform that will aim to support electronic application developers to help them meet the needs of business institutions, as well as here comes the role of "VMware" to help companies and institutions around the world to deal with this issue by adopting a principle called Cloud Smart, which enables institutions to accelerate their development For the applications you need regardless of the cloud environment on which the application depends, access and operate these applications in a secure manner, and provide a technical infrastructure for organizations that enable them to manage all operations easily.

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