LG Egypt Launch its new speaker lineup 2023

  • LG launched today its new lineup for 2023 in Egypt. The latest AV lineup features XBOOM 360, XG Series including XG7 and XG5. LG’s XBOOM 360 portable speaker can distribute High quality equal sound in every direction by premium speaker units upgraded lighting, inheriting XBOOM360 mood lighting in addition to its Eco-friendly material such as recycled fabric & resin etc.

    The company’s XBOOM 360 portable speaker’s core outer body is covered with fabric, which gives a texture and an aesthetic shape that matches the home furnishings in addition to LED lighting with different modes (Party / Healing / Ambient) to provide customers with a special character when listening. LG’s XBOOM 360 is easy to carry and move around the house as it’s also outdoor friendly, water and soil resistant which gives it a level of protection from dust in addition to making it perfectly resistant to water splashes. The speaker has an internal battery that allows up to 24-hour continuous play, with the highest 360 sound distribution technology. 

    LG’s new XG series line up switched from dual speakers to a much larger woofer with dome tweeter technology that balances the sound from two different technology speakers using carbon material and neodymium magnet that is 7 times stronger than traditional Ferrite magnet for a more powerful dynamic sound than traditional speakers. XG series features tweeter dome speaker size of 20 mm to give stronger sound and clearer treble superior with woofer carbon type track with a larger size to improve the clarity of the sound range due to light weight and high rigidity and higher response speed to audio frequencies


    For additional info, please visit https://www.lg.com/eg_en/

    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن