Telecom Egypt and Huawei are cooperating to successfully implement the first 50 GPON broadband trial in Africa


    By: Ameen Kadry

    Telecom Egypt, the first integrated telecommunications operator in Egypt and one of the largest submarine cable operators in the region, cooperated with Huawei, a leader in information and communications technology solutions, to successfully complete the implementation of the first trial of a broadband network (50 GPON) in Africa, as it is a technology... (50 GPON) The latest fiber-optic technology that provides ultra-fast connection speeds over fiber-optic networks of up to 50 gigabits per second, allowing consumers and businesses better and more secure use of broadband. This step represents a milestone in the joint cooperation between Telecom Egypt and Huawei.

    The test revealed that the upload and download rate of Huawei's 50 GPON broadband model meets the standard requirements, and its ability to manage optical network modules (GPON ONTs50), its ability to support the aggregated (50G/10G PON) function, and is compatible with the network Existing optical fibers without the need to create a new network as (50 GPON) is compatible with the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) on optical devices for future development.

    In recent years, new services, such as ultra-high-definition (UHD) video, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and industrial digitization, impose higher requirements when connecting to the network, and 50 GPON broadband technology can efficiently meet the requirements of future network application development. .

    50 GPON broadband technology is currently known as the next generation fiber optic technology (PON), which is officially approved by the Telecommunications Standards Board of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), and is characterized by its ability to provide speeds of up to 50 Gbps. With a high level of security and reliability, which represents a qualitative shift in the communications sector and user experience.


    The 50 GPON technology provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy a fast and smooth Internet experience, such as downloading high-definition movies, 8K video streaming, and online gaming, while the 50 GPON technology provides the business community and companies to meet their increasing bandwidth needs, such as applications. Business cloud, visual communications, and artificial intelligence, while allowing governments to provide advanced electronic and digital services to citizens, such as e-learning, e-health care, and e-government services.


    The 50 GPON broadband technology and the service verification process completed by the two companies indicate the smooth development of the PON network, laying a solid foundation for the widespread deployment of 50 GPON broadband technology in the future. This test is also an essential step in the cooperation between Huawei and Telecom Egypt, which together will continue the joint technological innovation of (50 GPON) technology with the aim of stimulating the digital transformation process in Egypt.


    For his part, Engineer Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, said: “To enable our customers to always benefit from the best in the field of fiber optics while taking advantage of our widespread networks, it is necessary to use technologies that improve the performance of our customers, as broadband technology (50 GPON) enhances Telecom Egypt's comprehensive strategy for developing network infrastructure, and builds a better and more flexible foundation for broadband infrastructure in addition to its role in maintaining Telecom Egypt's leading position in Africa.

    He expressed his happiness in cooperating with Huawei, the trusted partner of Telecom Egypt over the years, which confirms the strategic approach towards the company’s constant endeavor to provide the latest technological solutions and services to its customers.”

    For his part, Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Telecom Egypt, which confirms our constant keenness to provide the latest advanced technological solutions and services and Huawei’s commitment to developing and enhancing the technological infrastructure to keep pace with the continuous and significant increase in broadband usage rates in Egypt.” This reflects positively on the level of service provided to consumers and companies, and is in line with the state’s strategy for digital transformation Egypt 2030.”

    It is worth noting that Huawei continues to provide its efforts in the field of innovation and value creation to develop the basic digital technologies that drive digital transformation, and aims to build a fully connected smart world in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.













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