“Mrsool” Achieves 30% Growth in Couriers number... Continues Expansion Plans in the Egyptian Market

  • -Mrsool Egypt" Aims to Provide 10,000 New Job Opportunities in 2024

    - Mostafa Maghrabi Appointed General Manager of Mrsool Egypt to Elevate Innovation Levels and Improve Services, and Build Strong Relationships with Partners and Customers

    - Mostafa Maghrabi: Honoring the Most Distinguished Couriers During 2023 as a Recognition of Their Efforts and Commitment to Customer Service


    By ; Mohamed Elkholy


    Mostafa Maghrabi, General Manager of Mrsool Egypt, a leading delivery on-demand service company, revealed the growth rates of Couriers number within the company, which reached 30% during the year 2023, confirming that the growth is primarily linked to the expansion of operations achieved by Mrsool in recent times.

    This was announced during the annual celebration organized by the company to honor outstanding Couriers, acknowledging their essential contributions to the consecutive successes made by Mrsool Egypt in the past period.

    During a Ramadan evening in Cairo, the senior management of Mrsool Egypt met with a distinguished group of its Couriers from various governorates where it operates, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Mansoura. More than 50 Couriers who demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of order volume and received high ratings from customers through the Mrsool Egypt application were honored, receiving substantial financial rewards in appreciation of their dedicated efforts and valuable contributions to the company's journey.

    Mostafa Maghrabi added: "This event represents a unique opportunity to build strong relationships with Mrsool Egypt Couriers, as key partners in the company's success. Through their diligent efforts and the growth, they have contributed to, Mrsool Egypt will be able to continue its expansion and employ more Couriers during the current year, as we aim to provide 10,000 new job opportunities in 2024, surpassing the increase in the number of Couriers we achieved last year in 2023, which reached 30%."

    On this occasion, Ahmed Hamdi, Marketing Manager at Mrsool Egypt, said: "This event serves as a message of thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Mrsool Egypt Couriers, who are the cornerstone in the company's journey of success. Thanks to their diligent efforts and commitment to the highest quality standards, Mrsool Egypt has achieved tremendous growth in a short period and has become a familiar name in the delivery field in Egypt."

    During the ceremony, Mrsool showcased a comprehensive overview of the developments witnessed by the company during the past year, highlighting the achievements and successes it has made in developing services and expanding the scope of delivery operations, contributing to enhancing its position as one of the leading delivery companies in the Egyptian market.

    The event began with opening remarks from senior management representatives of the company, followed by a review of the efforts of employees and appreciation of their contributions in driving the company's success, with the management expressing deep gratitude to all employees for their excellent performance and dedication, which contributed to the remarkable successes recently witnessed by Mrsool Egypt.

    The day's activities included a friendly celebration with the team, and the distribution of commemorative gifts to all participating Couriers in the event.

    Since the beginning of the current year 2024, Mostafa Maghrabi has been appointed as General Manager of Mrsool Egypt, a significant strategic step towards enhancing excellence and innovation in the logistics services sector, amid increasing competition and growing challenges in the Egyptian market.

    With Maghrabi's appointment as General Manager, it is expected that Mrsool Egypt will witness further development and growth, elevate innovation levels and improve services, and build strong relationships with partners and customers alike, in order to provide exceptional and unique logistics experiences that efficiently meet the needs of customers.

    It is worth mentioning that Mrsool Egypt received the highest ratings awarded by the global Fairwork institution during 2023, as one of the best digital work environments in Africa among many competing digital platforms, which praised Mrsool Egypt's continuous efforts to improve working conditions for employees within the digital work environment, achieving the highest rating in commitment to digital work standards, commitment to fulfilling workers' rights, and fair and suitable working conditions.


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