Egypt hosted it for the first time in 27 years: Hamed: "Telecom Egypt" sponsors the 2019 Best African Award


    By ; Nahla Muqalad

    The company “Telecom Egypt” revealed its sponsorship of the “CAF-Peak Albatros Awards 2019” to choose the best in Africa, in cooperation with the “Stadiums” company and the “Peak Albatros” group, and this event, which is hosted by Egypt for the first time in Hurghada, is one of the most important sporting events on Worldwide, I was set up to choose the best player in Africa for 2019, the best player, the best emerging player, the best local coach, the best team, the best local player, the best team in the continent, the best team, the best coach for a team, and the best union president.

    Where Liverpool's Senegalese star Sadio Mane won the African Footballer of the Year award for 2019 and announced that Mani won during the CAF awards ceremony in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada in Egypt, and Mani surpassed his Liverpool teammate Mohamed Salah and the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, Manchester star City Senegalese Liverpool star Sadio Mane won the African Footballer of the Year award for 2019 and Mane became the second Senegalese to win the award after Haji Diouf, who was crowned in 2001 and 2002.

    For his part, Eng. Adel Hamed, the managing director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, said that our sponsorship of this global event on the land of Egypt comes from the role of the company that it plays in society by encouraging youth and supporting sport as an integral part of the Egyptian society and because its role as a leading company extends To include contributing effectively to support the various activities and events that contribute to raising the name of Egypt high.

    Telecom Egypt is proud of its support for football sports, its various competitions and its sponsorship of the national team, and that stems from its commitment to develop this sport due to its special popularity among young people and its awareness of the importance of sport and its role in supporting and developing society, and an affirmation of its presence alongside the Egyptian people in all its interests.

    Many stars, public figures and sports figures in Egypt, the brown continent and the world participate in the event, which was held recently in Hurghada, in the presence of Gianni Infantino, President of the International Football Association, Ahmed Ahmed, President of the Confederation of African Football, and a number of stars and legends of domestic and international football .

    Telecom Egypt’s sponsorship of this international sporting event comes as the official sponsor of Egyptian football, and in the framework of the company's constant keenness to participate in its fans of football-loving Egyptian fans, especially since this year's award is of great importance as it is held for the first time on the land of Egypt after 27 years of launch Competition.


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