Zoho hosts its first Zoholics in Egypt, launches Arabic version of its low-code development platform

  • Zoho Creator, which helps businesses create custom applications, now also has an on-premise version.



    By : Khaled Hassan 

    Zoho, the global provider of cloud-based business software with the most extensive portfolio in the industry, launched the Arabic version of its low-code development platform, Zoho Creator at its first user conference in Egypt today.

    Zoholics: Cairo is the company's first foray into the North African market showing the strategic importance of the Egyptian market in Zoho's global expansion.

    Zoho in Egypt "We have steadily expanded our presence in the Middle East and Africa region. The Egyptian market has a great potential as the businesses here are adopting the cloud technology and leveraging it to catapult their growth," said Hyther Nizam, President MEA, Zoho Corp. "Zoholics: Cairo is the first step towards long-term investment in the region. We are building stronger relations with our user base in the country. We are also growing our partner network to support the local businesses better.

    " Today, at Zoholics: Cairo, the speakers educated attendees about the latest Zoho solutions and ways to leverage cloud technology for growing their businesses. Zoho has also seen an impressive growth in Egypt in the last one year: ● 61 % in total revenue ● 63.6 % in new revenue, and ● 130% growth in revenue generated by Zoho partners.

    The new Zoho Creator With Zoho Creator, business owners who do not have any coding experience can easily create custom apps using its simple drag-and-drop interface. In the Arabic version, the orientation of the UI is reversed, allowing businesses to build fully Arabic apps with easier to use UI and right-to-left data entry capabilities.

    For businesses who do not wish to keep their data in the cloud, or would like to opt for third-party public clouds, the company has also launched an on-premise version of Zoho Creator.

    With the on-premise version, businesses will be able to create and deploy applications on their own servers, or other public clouds such as AWS. “With the low-code platforms, an organization can provide all the departments access to technology, thereby empowering them to address their day-to-day and strategic business needs," said Ali Shabdar, Regional Director, MEA, Zoho Corp.

    "Teams need no longer rely on their IT department for each and every app requirement. On the other hand, the IT department is free to concentrate on mission critical issues. This enables businesses to bring down their IT cost. Additionally, the Arabic version of Zoho Creator removes any language barrier, while the on-premise version removes any technological barriers for Egyptian businesses and the public sector to adopt this digitally transformational technology.

    " According to Gartner, by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activities. With the simple drag-and-drop interface, even managers with no programming knowledge can create custom applications to streamline their business processes.

    For example, an HR manager can create an application to track employee requests or a marketing head can create an application to track event registrations and even use AI-enabled fields that can tell how many of the registered people will attend the event.

    Experienced programmers, on the other hand, can add their own custom code to create more complex applications. The apps built on Zoho Creator are available on mobile devices without any further effort. They can also be white-labelled and pushed to App Store® or Play Store®, bringing massive efficiencies to the app building and deployment process. Pricing and Availability Zoho Creator is available immediately in different plans.

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