The UAE accelerates digital efforts to become the World's Leading Economy

  • By : Nahla Muqalad

    The UAE government has transformed the country’s economy, knowledge ecosystem and community, with its digital innovations. These efforts are in line with the goal set in the UAE National Agenda to make the country one of the most innovative nations in the world by 2021.

    Notably, the most significant strategies are the national 2031 AI Strategy, the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation, and adoption of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and automation which  have helped the UAE step up as a leader in the MENA region in the domain of digital transformation.

    “The progression towards innovative digital transformation reflects the vision of the UAE leadership that encourage ideas and support a tech-enabled future. The country’s efforts in promoting digital solutions has not only ensured that businesses in the country adopt innovative technology but has also opened doors for foreign players to attract investment and promote privatisation. The rapid development of digital sector, combined with a large and growing tech consumer base, has fuelled tremendous growth both domestically and abroad via cross-border trade,” said Vikas Panchal, Business Head- Middle East, Tally Solutions.

    According to Mr. Panchal, innovation and digitization will pave the way forward for the economy to flourish. The company which specialises in business management software, acknowledged the UAE’s efforts in keeping pace with future trends and embracing advance technology to be at the forefront of digital transformation happening worldwide.

    To align with the UAE government’s initiatives, Tally Solutions has also been ramping up its efforts to assist businesses in the country and across the region to adopt automated solutions and enable them to conform to the new rules and regulations. The company has conducted over 500 events in GCC reaching out to over 1500 small and medium businesses and talk about the importance of automation. They have also issued extensive online literature on the importance of embracing digital solutions.

    Research suggests that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is rapidly driving transformational disruption across every sector and by 2022, over 60 percent of global GDP will be digitized. An estimated 70 percent of new value created in the economy over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platforms.

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