The launch of Egypt Career Summit 2020 for Career development

  • Career 180 platform includes 150 experts to offer 180 courses in various fields


    By : Nelly All

    On the basis of its responsibility towards career development, and its future plans to contribute in bridging the gap between graduates and the needs of labor market, Career 180, a lead institution in skills development solutions and alumni support, announced today the launch of the most important event in the employment field in Egypt under the name Egypt Career Summit 2020, which will be held on February 28-29 in the headquarter of the Greek Campus, sponsored by and with the participation of a group of major international and local leading companies and many speakers in different main areas.

    The major event in the Middle East aims to bring together graduates with experts in the field of training qualified young people in one place, to exchange experiences and to create suitable jobs while helping in familiarizing young people with the requirements of labor market and also to introduce them to modern global trends of key areas that meet the needs of business sectors. In response, Mohamed Akmal, co-founder of Career 180, expressed his enthusiasm for holding this event in a new cycle for the current year, saying, "We aim by bringing together trainers in the fields of employment, with those wishing to be employed, to create a state of community dialogue that monitors the market needs, with the aim of contributing in the employment of qualified young people in the appropriate companies, in addition to introducing new graduates to what they need from training courses that keep pace with the successive changes in the field of work".

    Akmal explained that this step would take part in solving the unemployment crisis and enriching the field of work, as this movement in the field of training and qualification contributed in reducing the unemployment rate in Egypt, which has reached 7.8% at the end of the third quarter of 2019 compared with the 10% rate during the same period in 2018. On her part, Shorouk Alaa, the founding partner of the company, commented: "The most prominent purpose that the company seeks is to improve the work environment, and to build capacity according to the growing needs which traditional study cannot fulfill alone.

    Therefore, Career 180 decided through its study of the market and its analysis of the companies' needs to map out more than 180 training programs, presented by 150 experts to qualify young people for the labor market needs".

    Shorouk identified that the main objective of the conference is to qualify students and graduates for the labor market, which positively affects the future of business sector in Egypt, and will be an opportunity for young people and graduates to meet many business leaders in Egypt, emphasizing that the platform aims to qualify more than 4,000 young people during the current year. It is noteworthy that Career 180 decided to rely on technology to provide online training courses through its platform, to make it easier for young people to attend courses wherever they are. 

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