TikTok collaborates with Gritti Fund to launch Pitch It Up in the Sky for the support of entrepreneurs and young business leaders in MENA region

  • By ; Ahmed Soluman

    Contributing to the entrepreneurship scene in the Middle East and Africa region and supporting the businesses led by youth to thrive, TikTok, the leading short-form mobile video platform, announced joining forces with Gritti Fund, the world’s first happiness based investment fund. The collaboration is aimed at supporting the entrepreneurs in the region by providing them with the needed expertise and knowledge that improve their businesses through connecting them with prominent investors, experts and industry leaders in the region as well as the United States.

    The new collaboration also addresses working on the interpersonal skills and providing inspirational content that helps elevate the spirits in this tough year and encourage continuing to beat hardships and overcome the challenges. TikTok along with the Gritti Fund will support entrepreneurs realize their dreams and achieve their goals by providing them with coaching and consulting by world-class marketing experts from TikTok Europe.

    Throughout the coming 6 weeks, TikTok will launch a series of lives, short videos and challenges on the hashtag #pitchitupinthesky that provides techniques and ways to overcome fears, achieve dreams and handle new beginnings.

    Through this collaboration, entrepreneurs will have a chance to enter a competition where they can receive seed funding and coaching for the winner. The list of the jurors in the investment competition includes key industry leaders and prominent figures in the world of business and entrepreneurship such as Noor Sweid, who was among the 30 influential women in MENA and the top 10 women in tech, Dr. Lars Rasmussen, the inventor of Google Maps and Roberto Croci, MD of Microsoft for StartUps in MENA. 

    Entrepreneurs and young business owners are encouraged to know more information about the competition and register their projects through the following link: www.pitchupinthesky.com


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