Mobily trial 5G on 800/1800MHz band using Ericsson Spectrum Sharing in Saudi Arabia

  • By ; Nahla Makled

    Mobily has teamed up with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) to trial 5G on
    800/1800 MHz band using Ericsson Spectrum Sharing .The trial showed 5G
    capabilities in a real-world environment over a live network,
    including tests on speed and latency.

    Ericsson Spectrum Sharing allows both 4G and 5G to be deployed in the
    same band and on the same radio through a software upgrade – instantly
    allocating spectrum between the two mobile technologies based on user
    demand on a one millisecond (ms) basis. The award-winning solution
    will allow Mobily to efficiently manage 4G and 5G traffic in its
    network thereby enhancing coverage, performance, and mobility.

    Eng. Alaa Malki, Chief Technology Officer at Mobily says: “With
    Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, Mobily can improve 5G mid-band coverage
    while maintaining the 4G customer experience. Given that this is one
    of the strategic steps for Mobily toward 5G standalone deployment
    using the same spectrum and radio assets we utilize for 4G."

    Ekow Nelson, Vice President at Ericsson Middle East and Africa says:
    “The successful 5G trial is an important step in our strategy to
    continuously expand and modernize Mobily’s network. Ericsson Spectrum
    Sharing is a unique innovation that instantly shares spectrum between
    4G and 5G carriers based on traffic demand. This Ericsson innovation
    will enable Mobily to use its spectrum assets efficiently and will
    drive 5G-wide coverage rollout quickly, smoothly and cost

    The Ericsson Spectrum Sharing solution will give Mobily a head-start
    in expanding its 5G services, signaling new opportunities, including
    in the areas of agriculture, smart cities and healthcare. It can
    rapidly enable the continuous coverage required, bringing the full
    advantage of network slicing and lower latency to power new business
    opportunities across a multitude of industries in cities, on factory
    floors, and roads across the Kingdom.

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