Huawei Egypt is supporting the nation to become a regional ICT hub for Northern Africa

  • Huawei, the leading global ICT solution provider, held its 9th annual Supplier Summit for northern Africa in Egypt with more than 200 guests from Huawei’s supply chain. The event’s theme was “Digital Extension, Health Ecosystem, Win-Win Cooperation”. The summit showcased Huawei’s efforts in building and investing in its ecosystem in Egypt and Northern Africa. Huawei has also shed the light on its efforts to support Egyptian local partners to expand and export their business across the region through Huawei.


    During the event, Huawei honored its partners for their noticeable efforts. The summit celebrated as well Huawei’s existence in Northern Africa for more than 20 years by the support of Huawei’s strategic partners along its ecosystem. Huawei’s supply chain currently includes 55 supplier in Egypt and more than 300 in Northern African whom are considered a valuable asset. In the line of Egypt sustainable development plan: Egypt 2030, Huawei’s is currently supporting Egypt to become a regional ICT hub which export talents and expertise.


    “In the past ten years, Huawei's procurement value in the Northern African region exceeded US$3 billion, and there are more than 300+ suppliers cooperated with us every year. The number of Huawei-certified engineers is over 6,100. Huawei’s supply chain created more than 30,000 jobs. Huawei's partners have grown rapidly.” stated Mr. Cao Jibin, Huawei’s Regional CEO


    Mr. Jibin emphasized that Huawei have invested in its suppliers to sustainably grow. More than 30 suppliers have expanded their operations from one single county to various countries across the region. With the continuous assistance of Huawei, 42 companies have passed ISO certification, established a reliable quality management system, and became a modern enterprise, which has promoted the development of a critical part of the ICT ecosystem.


    Mr. Jibin also highlighted that Huawei is committed to bringing digital to everyone, families and organizations to achieve a fully connected and intelligent world. In close cooperation with its partners, Huawei has been practicing its mission for 20 years in Northern Africa. Huawei have been providing high-quality communication services to 28 countries and have been committed to promoting digital development in the region.


    In recognition of its partners’ efforts and hardwork, Huawei awarded its top strategic partners with four different awards category which are Golden Supplier Award, Best Collaboration Award, Best Quality Award and Excellent EHS Award.


    Huawei has also presented the digital transformation tools that would enhance the efficiency of its suppliers helping them to increase their sales turnover and ultimately expand to new markets that Huawei operate in. Huawei firmly believe that close collaboration with upstream and downstream industry players can result in a robust business ecosystem where all players share resources, benefits, and value while jointly managing risks. Huawei is always working on building a unique, comprehensive set of competitive advantages in its ecosystem whose members all succeed together.

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