‏Fawry's marketing tycoon joins OFH's new fintech as a member of the founding team.

  • ‏Ahmed Nabil joins the founding team of OFH's new Fintech company. ‏



    By ; Bakinam Khaled



    Ahmed Nabil, former head of marketing for Fawry Group, joined the founding team of the financial technology company affiliated to Orascom Financial Holding (OFH) as a Chief Marketing Officer and a founding team member to provide financial technology services and e-payments. ‏

    Nabil has more than nine years of experience as a head of marketing at Fawry Group, the leader in digital transformation and electronic payments. ‏Nabil expressed his eagerness to join the new company, stressed his keenness to continue building startups and adding value to leading brands.

    ‏He said, "My experience at Fawry made me believe in the role of digital transformation and financial technology in facilitating citizens and providing services to them easier and faster, which prompted me to invest my experiences in this direction.

    In addition to creating new marketing ideas for financial technology services by joining a strong and ambitious work team, which I consider a new challenge in my career.

    " ‏He added, "I am proud to be part of Fawry's success over the past nine years, as the market value of Fawry has reached $ 2.3 billion out of $7 million since I joined Fawry. ‏

    Additionally, I am confident that Fawry will achieve more success and move forward in recording significant progress in financial inclusion, wishing Fawry's team success in their business." ‏Ahmed Nabil started as an employee in Fawry Group, a financial technology pioneer at the beginning of 2013.

    After only one year, he became one of its shareholders and took over all marketing activities at Fawry and its five subsidiaries. ‏On Tuesday, 30 March, Orascom Financial Holding company announced that they are launching a new fintech company, and Ahmed Nabil is joining as a member of the Founding team and CMO.

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