LG Egypt embed its ThinQ technology in all its newly premium launched home appliances

  • By : Bakinam Khaled


    LG Egypt announced today that its ThinQ technology is embedded in all its newly launched home appliances. LG’s ThinQ technology is based on Internet of Things (IOT) technology aiming to reduce worries for its users while maximizing ease and fun through the LG ThinQ mobile app.

    LG’s ThinQ feature provide its users with the ability to control the smart home appliances through its LG’s ThinQ application from anywhere in the globe. LG’s ThinQ feature will help its uses to remotely power on LG’s ACs, Air purifier, and Robot Vacuum cleaner as well as remotely control its Washing machine, Dryer, Styler, Dishwasher, and Refrigerators. Users are also empowered to download new specific washing cycles for LG’s Washers.


    “LG’s aim is to become a human centric AI company, and through LG ThinQ feature we are empowering our consumers to get more accomplished with a lot less effort, and making their lives better. And through LG’s ThinQ App, we open the doors to new possibilities of smart connected homes to our Egyptian consumers.” Stated Billy Kim, Managing Director, LG Egypt.


    LG’s ThinQ feature also support users to check the status of LG’s ThinQ-powered appliances, along with the ability to monitor the energy consumption LG’s ThinQ powered appliances with Daily, weekly, or monthly graphs. Users are also updated with regular alert notifications for potential issues.


    The feature also provide its users with the ability to diagnose potential issues of LG’s appliances and provide useful information and usage tips.


    It is worth mentioning that LG launched its ThinQ feature in November 2015 and currently it’s available in more than 15 countries. The feature provides unparalleled convenience in lifestyle by connecting LG’s astounding range of ThinQ-powered AI appliances and Wi-Fi connected devices.  


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