VMware showcases next-generation enterprise technologies at Cairo ICT 2019


    By ; Basel Khaled

    As part of Cairo ICT, the leading ICT exhibition and conference in North Africa, VMware will showcase its latest innovations in cloud infrastructure, security and digital workspace.

    VMware's participation in this year's exhibition is the largest of its kind, with the company hosting several hands-on performances during the event, and will focus specifically on the advantages gained by the company after the recent acquisitions of Carbon Black and EVI Networks. VMware will also showcase multiple cloud solutions that enable customers to manage aspects of cloud computing such as cost, usage, security and performance through a single, easy-to-use interface.

    Egypt is a key market for VMware, with a strong presence in the country and a strong track record in supporting Egypt's Vision 2030 by helping organizations realize the benefits of enterprise technologies. In particular, VMware helps organizations deal with complex technological environments that are difficult to maintain and secure, to enable them to take full advantage of modern technologies, whether through hybrid cloud services, or through a radical transformation of space. Digital work, or through the use of mobile and smart devices.

    The company is also expanding ICT knowledge in Egypt through its partner programs and through recent initiatives such as its collaboration with the Egyptian Institute of Information Technology, affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which aims to support Egyptian ICT students through vocational training to help bridge the gap. Among the academic studies and skills needed in today's competitive job market.




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