Talat discusses with the president of "Avaya" International

  • Launching a global center for research and development, training human cadres, and using the company's technological solutions to drive digital transformation

    By ; Nahla Muqalad

    Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, discussed with Nidal Abu Latif, President of Avaya International Company; the meeting discussed cooperation in the fields of qualification and training of human cadres and the use of smart company software platforms to provide the best technological solutions to support digital transformation and stimulate innovation and develop Egyptian skills in order to enhance their competitiveness at the level The world and improving the quality of services. It was agreed to launch a global center to develop and modernize the software of Avaya International in Egypt and provide its services to all countries of the world in which the company operates and will represent an appropriate environment to support innovation and localize creativity in Research and development of smart technologies and software solutions based on cloud computing and raise the efficiency of human skills.

      The meeting was attended by Dr. Abeer Shaqwer, Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Community Responsibility and Services, CEO of the National Academy for Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities, and Eng. Ahmed Fayed, President of Avaya Egypt.

    During the meeting, Dr. Amr Talaat stressed the interest of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with major international companies specialized in smart technology solutions, praising the importance of cooperation with Avaya to provide the latest technological solutions and innovative technologies that contribute effectively to the way forward towards building digital Egypt, stressing The importance of digital transformation in improving the quality of government services provided to citizens and contributing to advancing the country's productive capacity, noting the efforts made by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to achieve its promising vision in digital transformation in cooperation with All state agencies and institutions.

    For his part, Nidal Abu Latif emphasized his aspiration for more fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, noting that Avaya is keen to support the digital transformation process in Egypt by providing the latest smart and innovative technology solutions, stressing that Avaya has increased the number of its work team in Egypt from Technology developers are at 80%, believing that Egypt is full of qualified staff and that young people are the backbone of the information technology sector.

    The meeting included an agreement to provide the Avaya platform for unified communication via the cloud computing to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology employees to enable them to communicate and collaborate more effectively, and also to train and qualify human cadres on the latest smart software platforms and Avaya technologies in cooperation with the National Institute for Communications Regulation and the Institute of Information Technology iTi, as an extension of what The company has done the training of trainers and the qualification of specialists to train human cadres at the highest level, where a new batch is graduated every three months to meet the needs of the Egyptian market from different specialties.

    It is worth noting that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched the Technical Center for Services for Persons with Disabilities in cooperation with the Avaya Company in order to enable people with hearing and speech disabilities to access emergency services, ambulance, rescue and extinguishing services through the "Wasel" application, which allows visual communication with employees in these agencies using Sign language and visual signs.

    Avaya is a pioneering company in the field of modern technology that has been working for more than a hundred years in supporting organizations around the world to achieve growth through providing smart integrated solutions for communications and leading services of its kind for employees and companies.

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