Mastercard: The first single song to reflect the latest developments of its brand's voice identity in the next decade


     By ; Saber Mohamed - Nahla Muqalad

    In a move to cement its position of trust and passion, MasterCard will redefine the way people interact with their brand and remind them of it by launching its first solo single. And since customer experiences are the most determining the nature of the brand in the eyes of the consumer, MasterCard intends to design experiences for consumers that fit their senses and enhance the image of its brand in new and distinctive ways.

    In this context, MasterCard is collaborating with songwriter and music producer Nicholas Mulender to work with emerging international artists to use her vocal tone to provide a music experience that carries a new meaning and purpose for her brand. The company's acoustic tone was introduced in 2019, and it is an essential element in the process of getting people to know the MasterCard brand today and in the future, and this tone is characterized by great flexibility that makes it familiar and compatible with the musical cultures of different and diversity.

    To produce the first song to embody the brand's vocal identity and best reflect its values, MasterCard collaborated with Swedish actress Nadine Randall. The single, "Merry Go Round", will be launched in a live broadcast during the Consumer Electronics Show, an event held in partnership with iHeart Radio on January 8, and this song tells the story of a new beginning with invaluable capabilities.

    Commenting on this collaboration, Raja Rajamanar, Head of Marketing and Communications at MasterCard said: “We view Vocal Identity as the new way to express our brand, as it is an effective tool that allows us to reach consumers through the passion that binds us all. We are very pleased to cooperate with Artist Nadine in the song 'Merry Go Round', which uses the distinctive musical tone of MasterCard, and reflects the many ways in which the brand can be used beyond traditional means.

    This MasterCard worked to reformulate the way in which the voice can express its brand, while at the same time being a factor that enhances the security and credibility of payments, which creates a sense of peace of mind for consumers during their daily transactions, where the MasterCard sound tone has been combined in more than 7.6 One million payment points worldwide so far. According to a survey conducted by MasterCard and GfK Global, 77% of survey respondents believed that MasterCard's voice tone added more sense of confidence to the transaction and retail environment.

    The song "Merry Go Round" can be listened to via, YouTube or download soon via your favorite song broadcasting services. "Merry Go Round" is the first single in an album to be released by MasterCard later in 2020.

    Tom Polman, Program Director at iHeartMedia, said: “We have a passion for music, its energy for its listeners, its excitement, and the close relationship it has with them. MasterCard’s unprecedented approach to music, by launching its vocal tone last year, and continuing to move forward In this journey with the release of her first single and her next album, it is undoubtedly a wonderful and impressive thing. With our common interest in finding the best ways to reach consumers, we are very happy to strengthen the bonds of joint relations with MasterCard during the Consumer Electronics Show. "

    On the other hand, producer and songwriter and session music founder (formerly Auddly) Nicholas Mollinder said: "The launch of this single single track audio project is new and unprecedented, and it indicates the ongoing development of music and consumption patterns. The MasterCard vocal tone With great flexibility that allows it to transcend the boundaries of musical genres and geography, and it is constantly stimulating feelings through its expressive melody. I am happy to cooperate with MasterCard in this exciting project, and I look forward to launching more songs soon. "

    Singer and songwriter Nadine Randall said: "I am very pleased to collaborate with MasterCard on her first single ever. There is no doubt that the unique and flexible sound tone adds a vital dimension to the song 'Merry Go Round' which expresses passion and optimism, which are key principles In the MasterCard brand identity, and two important elements of the song.



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