Managing Director of "Canon": We are developing the Egyptian printing market to cope with the digital transformation and strategic partnership agreements with "DELTA" and "TENAUI



    Interviewed by: Khaled Hassan

    Prepared for publication; Nahla Muqalad


    Sumisha Adoka, managing director of Canon Central and North Africa "CCNA", in response to a question "Digital World", we are really very interested in integrating artificial intelligence technologies to develop our products continuously to meet the needs of users, from different categories, and we have integrated solutions "end- and" Where we have for years in 2016 acquired one of the international companies "Toshiba Medical" specialized in developing artificial intelligence solutions for printing, as part of our keenness to provide the latest remote treatment solutions for users that are characterized by a high quality level for doctors and facilitate the provision of treatment services.

    He added in response to a question "Digital World" that "Canon" allocates about 8% of its annual return to its investment in research and development and over the past 15 years "Canon" is one of the 5 largest companies in the field of investment in research and development, which makes us a leading company in the field of development Printing and imaging technology.

    Canon added, "It has 50% of the size of the global printing equipment market, where we have a great diversity in printing products, starting from printing papers to printing on solid materials in addition to our role in meeting the needs of the health sector" medical "and surveillance cameras and cameras and photography, and from there we have the largest Variety in electronic products for the printing and imaging market.

    Adokia confirmed that we have cooperation with many partnerships in the Middle East and we have with the company "Dalta" the high printing capabilities to serve customers in the printing mechanisms as well as with "Tenaui" and photo laboratories and qualify them well and develop their capabilities to be two devices to provide excellent services and provide caliber parts, maintenance and after services Sale.


    This came during Canon signing a partnership agreement with both of my company with "DELTA" and "TENAUI".

    He added that we are keen within our strategy to enhance our international presence in the field of photography to transfer experiences to the Egyptian market and enhance cooperation with the region. Here comes the importance of our contract with "TENAUI" company to meet the needs of customers with photographic equipment where we have our relations with them in 2011 in the Nigerian market.

    He explained, according to international studies, that the printing market is still growing, in light of the trend towards digital archiving, transformation and digital, although at lower rates and Africa's markets in particular are still interested in paper printing as well as on the world level books, wedding and document documentation.

    He stressed that we annually develop and launch new printing products to meet the development of the Egyptian market.


    For his part, Muhammad Yunus, representative of the "Delta" company, said in response to a question "digital scientist" about the launch of the Central Bank of Egypt for plastic money that in the new administrative capital, which is one of the major national projects, the harmful bank is building the largest project to print securities in the capital The administration in cooperation with some international companies, and it is rumored that the project aims for Egypt to print plastic money for many African countries, and we will start printing plastic currency for the ten-pound category, but "Canon" has no relationship with this issue, but "Dalta" company is a local agent and partner of one of the companies a Global developments on this project in collaboration with the Central Bank.

    He added that we have "Dalta" experience that extends to about 30 years and offer very broad products. Although some expect that the task of paper printing will disappear during the coming years, we are working to provide very distinguished services to our customers

    He added, according to Egypt's political strength in Africa and with European countries, the agreements that we have with economic entities in the countries of the African continent, we are qualified to be a bridge and gateway for Asian companies to be present in the African market and the crossing of Africa to Asia and Europe, and then there is the development of our technological exports strongly

    It is very important to make a partnership with the company "Canon", last year, and the products produced by the company cover most of the needs of the Egyptian market for the services of industrial establishments and presses, and there are great opportunities for cooperation and strengthening the partnership with "Canon".

    We will work to meet the needs of government institutions that apply the concept of digital government and digital transformation, and our mission is to maintain customer satisfaction and provide appropriate prices and good services while providing integrated printing solutions commensurate with its needs and are flexible.

    On the other hand, Ehab Mahmoud, president of "Tenaui" company, said that we have branches in a number of countries besides the strong presence in the Egyptian market from Alexandria to Aswan. It is the result of a merger between two large companies specialized in the field of photography.

    Technological imaging has witnessed a very big development during the past years, but with the challenges faced by the Egyptian economy, during the past ten years, some local users have refrained from keeping pace with technological development and a few segments have moved from traditional printing to digital printing because there are no integrated solutions in an economic way compatible with Their financial needs and capabilities.

    The Egyptian market is clear, large, huge, and promising, but it needs a service provider commensurate with its requirements and economic conditions, and this is what we are looking for through partnership with Canon, and achieving a local success story with a global flavor.

    Ehab pointed out that the real challenge depends on having a partner who possesses a great diversity of solutions that he provides to the end user, which serves us to provide us with strong and integrated solutions with different financial budgets. The second challenge is the availability of electronic media characterized by the flexibility to store and obtain images at any time and anywhere.

    He stressed that we are committed to providing the best level of after-sales services to users of photocopying and printing machines and photocopy laboratories and our ambitions are very high to transform the Egyptian market from the concept of traditional printing to digital printing.

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