Atlas VPN COO: Middle-class will Drive VPNs' Adoption amid Economic Crisis

  • In a recent interview with, Atlas VPN Chief Operations Officer, Rachel Welch said the middle class will drive the adoption of virtual private networks (VPN). According to Welch, VPN will be vital especially during an economic crisis.

    Protecting data while working remotely 

    During the interview, Welch also talked about the risks involved with employees working from home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. She called on companies to establish systems that will ensure data is safe away from the office. According to Welch:

    “Companies have to open internal resources so that workers can access them remotely. With people using vulnerable network connections, hackers can quickly get onto their devices and steal confidential information of the company.”

    Welch further noted that Atlas VPN has positioned itself to adjust regulatory changes by various governments. This is due to the threat that some totalitarian governments might resort to banning VPNs to deny citizens from accessing information. 

    The COO further acknowledged that in the wake of data breaches internet users are getting more aware of the threats they face online. Consequently, people are exploring ways to ensure they remain safe online with VPN being an option. 

    With cybercrime raking in millions of dollars yearly, Welch pointed out that using a VPN can be one solution to ending the vice that keeps evolving.  She noted that VPNs are great for protecting personal devices, but sensitive data stored in companies' databases is at risk.

    The full interview can be found here:


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