In the new administrative capital Madbouly: Follows up the executive position to establish the infrastructure of communication networks and plans for digital transformation


    By ; Nelly All – Mohamed Saber

    Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting to follow up the executive position of a number of projects related to the communications sector that are being implemented in the new administrative capital, in the presence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Hany Mahmoud, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Administrative Reform, and Dr. Saleh Al Sheikh , Head of the Central Organization for Organization and Administration, Major General Ashraf Farid, Director of the Signal Department of the Armed Forces, and a number of relevant officials.

    At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the importance of adhering to the timelines and timelines set for the implementation of projects within the administrative capital, stressing at the same time the need to implement all preventive and precautionary measures in various work sites, in a manner that ensures the provision of safety and health aspects for all workers in those sites.

    During the meeting, the Minister of Communications presented a report on the executive position of the digital transformation plans that are implemented within the new administrative capital project, through several axes, the first of which is the digitization and preservation of government documents, indicating that a cooperation protocol has been signed between the ministry and the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and that The development of the central follow-up system is being completed, and the authorities are trained in the operational work cycle, as documents are prepared and digitized, and about 24.5 million documents have been digitized so far.

    With regard to the second axis, which is human development in the units of digital transformation, the Minister of Communications indicated that the training needs and elements of the digital transformation units were identified, and the deficiency was determined to compensate them, and the number of candidates for whom the interview was conducted reached 1330 people, and 250 candidates were trained on programs Leadership, and 64 candidates to lead the digital transformation, and a distance training course was held in business engineering, for 8 candidates from the first stage entities, and for the third axis linked to specialized applications, it was indicated that government applications were identified and evaluated in the mobile agencies with a total of 675 applications, and was conducted Identify centers Data for the authorities of the first stage, and a study of how to implement the lines of communication with the unified data center in the administrative capital by Telecom Egypt, and the applications of the first stage entities have been completely transferred with a total of 88 applications, and finally with regard to the fourth axis of joint applications and systems management, the minister indicated that It is planned to contract with specialized companies to provide operational support upon the move to the capital and until the work of the unit concerned has stabilized.

    During the meeting, the Minister of Communications touched on the executive position of the project to establish infrastructure for communications networks within the new administrative capital, pointing to the position regarding infrastructure paths in both the government neighborhood and the residential neighborhood "R3", and what was done in coordination with each of the (Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces - Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development - Administrative Capital Authority) in this regard to implement communication networks after the completion of the implementation of all facilities and road levels to not damage the tracks.

    The Minister also discussed the situation regarding mobile network coverage in the new administrative capital, noting that the National Communications Regulatory Authority coordinated with the Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development and mobile service providers to provide coverage.

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