Under the slogan “Supporting the People of Lebanon is a Right and an Obligation”


    The Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Association leads the campaign of donations for victims of Beirut, in cooperation with the Red Crescent and AMAN for E-Payments


    By ; Nahal Makled 

     Emphasizing its social role and solidarity with civil society institutions in the Beirut Port explosion, the Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Association announced its cooperatiodn with the Egyptian Red Crescent Corporation and AMAN for E-Payments, a leader in electronic payment and one of the subsidiaries of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, to collect donations for the Beirut explosion which killed hundreds of citizens. The campaign comes under the slogan “Supporting the People of Lebanon is a right and an Obligation.”

    It serves as an invitation to every Egyptian and Arab to stand with Beirut and donate on behalf of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society for Beirut. Engineer Fathallah Fawzi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Businessmen Association stated that this campaign is a general call to urge businessmen in Egypt and the Arab world to join the initiative to support Beirut by directing their financial and non-financial donations and their participation in the field of social responsibility for the reconstruction of the Beirut port in implementing the initiative launched by The Egyptian Lebanese Association after the explosions which resulted in deaths, injuries and the great destruction of the port and the surrounding area.

    Engineer Fawzi added that a number of business organizations are participating in the initiative in coordination with the embassies of Egypt and Beirut.

    The matter is regarding the urgent arrival of aid and its direction for the reconstruction of the devastation left by the explosions.

    The head of the Egyptian Lebanese Association confirmed that a large number of businessmen in Egypt have made non-monetary donations and advisory services to contribute to the rebuilding of the Beirut Port area and the buildings damaged by the explosion.

    Addressing this cooperation, Mr. Mohamed Wahby, CEO of AMAN for E-Payments, confirmed that AMAN’s role in this initiative is to collect donations from people, companies and various institutions and deliver them to the Red Crescent Foundation to support the victims of the explosion while noting that AMAN is one of the major payment companies.

    Electronic collection of donations in Egypt is available through 60,000 merchants and 250 AMAN for Financial Services branches nationwide.

    Mr. Wahby stated that these donations arrive in full to the Red Crescent without deducting any administrative expenses on the sums or adding any expenses.

    The donations are delivered either to the Lebanese Businessmen Association or the Egyptian Red Crescent thorough opening an account called “Beirut Support” to be solely for the donations to Beirut.

    The donations are a reflection of the interdependence between the Arab countries, as they will be directed to help orphans who have lost their breadwinners in addition to caring for the families of the deceased and the victims which will also help provide for their life needs as well as maintaining their homes and properties that were damaged as a result of the tragic disaster.

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