ShipBlu becomes the first logistics platform in Egypt to adopt what3words for faster and more reliable deliveries to any location.




    -       The partnership enables ShipBlu’s clients to accept a precise what3words  address from their shoppers, making it easier for customers to get their  packages delivered exactly where they want them.



    By : Wael Elhosany



    ShipBlu, the platform that is redefining the ecommerce shipping experience in Egypt, has  announced a partnership with location technology company what3words, an innovative  development for logistics in Egypt. United in a mission to improve both merchant and shopper  experiences, the partnership enables shoppers to provide their what3words address in English  or Arabic at checkout through the ShipBlu integration. This boosts addressing accuracy and  eliminates the need for phone calls with requests for addresses and ‘nearby landmarks’ to ensure deliveries find their way to customers faster and more efficiently, wherever they may be.

    Furthermore, by utilizing the what3words addressing system, ShipBlu can reduce the total daily  travel time for couriers, thereby reducing vehicle emissions and helping improve traffic conditions  across Egypt, in line with ShipBlu’s goal to become Egypt’s greenest logistics platform.

    An increasingly on-demand economy means that consumer expectations are rising, and  businesses are under pressure to meet these demands economically. A common barrier  prohibiting seamless e-commerce deliveries in Egypt is the challenge of communicating precise  delivery locations. what3words solves this problem - it has divided the globe into 3m by 3m  squares and gives each a unique three-word combination. For example, the address for the  entrance to The Egyptian Museum is ///shortage.alpha.tells. Simply providing those three unique  words allows ShipBlu to locate the exact 3m x 3m square an individual is referring to.

    Our mission is to leverage technology to provide the most reliable and enjoyable shipping  experience in the market, one that both shoppers and merchants can look forward to.” said Ali  Nasser, CEO and Co-Founder of ShipBlu. “Our partnership with what3words allows us to do so  while leading the way to more efficient and environmentally-conscious operations. I am confident  that other providers will see the value in our approach, and together we can really launch this  technology across the entire logistics industry in Egypt.

    Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words said “We are making strides on our  mission to change the way people communicate location, helping individuals and businesses  improve the efficiency of everyday tasks using what3words addresses. ShipBlu brings an  innovative approach to tackling Egypt’s logistics challenges which will improve the customer  experience and help drive what3words adoption in the country.”







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