"Alam Rakamy " Media Sponsorship of the exhibition: El-Khouly: Launching 7 specialized exhibitions simultaneously with "Cairo ICT", to accelerating digitization


    By: Bakinam Khaled - Ibrahim Ahmed


     For more than 25 years, the exhibition has become one of the most important events concerned with technological development and orientation towards the digital world, not only at the local level, but also at the regional and African levels, said Faten El-Khouly, Director General of Commercialization at “Digital World”, the media sponsor of Cairo ICT 2022.


     It is the second largest technology event in the Middle East, after GITEX Dubai, and all global technology companies put it on their annual agenda and the first on the African continent, due to the volume of participation in the exhibition from local, regional and international companies, which exceeded 400 companies, not to mention About the level of visitors to the exhibition from decision-makers in business institutions, whether technology managers or CEOs, and therefore it is important and even necessary to join efforts for the success of the next session of the exhibition in reviewing and shedding light on what has been and is being done in the field of digital transformation.


    Perhaps it is important to point out here that the seven exhibitions that are held in conjunction with “Cairo ICT 2022” represent a qualitative leap in the extent to which the exhibition organizers have incited the comprehensive role of the information and communication technology sector in providing many diverse technologies, solutions and applications that target all business institutions and government agencies that are looking To develop its competitive capabilities and ensure its position in the near future and gain the satisfaction of its current and future customers,

    Perhaps the most important feature of the twenty-sixth session of the exhibition, which is currently being held, is that it represents a serious attempt to emphasize the new identity of our country, Egypt, from being a country that strongly focuses on innovation and technological innovation in general in all economic fields, and that it supports the process of transformation into a knowledge sourcing by adopting and supporting Innovative ideas, whether from inside or outside, and that it is a country that attracts distinguished human minds who are looking for business incubators for success and progress.


    It is expected that a visitor to Cairo ICT will notice the large and diverse presence that all government agencies and agencies are keen on annually, whether to display their services that have already been developed using information technology solutions or by launching their new initiatives and projects that reflect their future vision, not just to keep pace with the wave of transformation into a “government” Zakba "but to confirm that Egypt in 2030 wants to be at the top of the global index of the transformation of the digital economy, and therefore we want to see a similar picture and an intense presence of government agencies to present their services within the framework of the transition towards e-government and introduce visitors to the exhibition at the same time, presenting its future plans to enhance the use of Modern technologies to develop its services.


    In the end, we confirm the success of the current session of the "Cairo ICT 2022" exhibition in placing Egypt on the global map of the technology-producing country, attracting new investments, promoting the opportunities available in the Egyptian market, and even attracting tourists from different countries of the region. Clear governmental participation, not representation, on the part of civil authorities concerned with technological development, as well as providing facilities with regard to allowing the introduction of equipment and solutions belonging to exhibiting companies in the exhibition with the Ministry of Tourism organizing an integrated display, in coordination with the exhibition organizing company “Trade Fairs”, for those who want to visit an exhibition Egypt for technology from outside Egypt, especially from the Middle East and Africa, and promoting it.



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