White House : The US President directed investigations to stop air traffic

  • By: Muhammad Al-Attar – Samah Saeed


    The White House confirmed that US President John Biden directed the US Department of Transport and Communications to conduct the necessary investigations regarding the disruption of air traffic in American airspace due to a technical malfunction, which is not known until now, according to what the Federal Ministry of Aviation indicated. About 760 plane flights were delayed and canceled at all airports. Besides, about 12,000 flights have been disrupted so far.

    The navigation traffic map showed the absence of American airspace from aircraft, and some attributed the reason to a malfunction in the electronic system for air notifications, which entered service in 1947, and helps the pilots of the plane to take off safely and safely, and it cannot take off from the airport in the absence of work because it provides them with information on the path Take off so that it does not intersect with another plane, while some have ruled out that the reason is a cyber-attack to disrupt the system and stop flights, given that the network is closed and not connected to the Internet, unless one of the employees managed to penetrate the system’s network, and this is difficult, but it will be clear from the attic of the initial examination.

    The Federal Ministry of Aviation indicated that aircraft in the air can land for landing, but airports cannot be allowed to take off for the safety of the flight, and the ministry did not specify a specific date for restoring service.

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