Reliance Infosystems Holds First Worldwide Conference in Egypt to Address Digital Innovation



    By : Wael Elhosany – Rashah Hussein


    Reliance Infosystems, the world's leading provider of digital solutions across 50 countries, is proud to announce that it will host the 'Building a Sustainable Financial Future Through Digital Innovation’ conference at Dusit Thani Lakeview in Cairo, Egypt held on Tuesday, 14th March, 2023. As the first conference of its kind in Egypt, the event will bring together participants from across the financial services and fintech ecosystem to discuss the role of digital innovation in creating a more sustainable financial future.

    In recent years, global technology trends and innovations have driven governments to embrace more sustainable finance practices and undertake large-scale digital transformations. These topics will be directly addressed in conference sessions, which will also feature conversations with local and international technology and digital transformation professionals, government officials, and industry executives.

    In light of its intention to expand in the local market, Reliance Infosystems will present leading-edge new innovations in the field of sustainable finance, such as blockchain technology and green investments. These developments have robust applications and use cases for SMBs and corporates across various sectors – particularly the financial services and education industries. 

    "We are excited to bring together experts from the technology industry to discuss how digital innovation can contribute to building a sustainable financial future," said Olayemi Popoola, MD/CEO of Reliance Infosystems. "This event is a great opportunity for attendees to learn from the best and brightest in the industry and to network with other like-minded technology and business stakeholders."

    Popoola added that Egypt was picked precisely because it is one of the largest markets in Africa and still has tremendous runway for growth. Leveraging Reliance’s significant success over the last 20 years, the Company believes it has the appropriate resources and capabilities to contribute to Egypt's digital transformation goals.

    Through its expansions in Egypt, Reliance Infosystems operates with an objective to assist businesses in digital transformation, cost reduction, efficiency improvements, and productivity maximization.

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