STAND Up! call to support green start-ups’ Intellectual Property Rights

  • By ; Samah Saeed


    STAND Up! partners are launching the Intellectual Property Voucher program, as part of the project activity “Policy influence and eco-system stimulation to support improved IPR”.  The Intellectual Property Voucher aims to support companies or entrepreneurs in the start-up and growth phase in order to protect their Intellectual Property Right linked to certain innovative products or services. Each STAND Up! partner will deliver 8 vouchers for technical assistance to support companies/start-ups aiming to protect their Intellectual Property in each partner country.


    Vouchers will be redeemable for services that the intellectual property protection process requires, for example, legal fees, expert advice (patent registration fees, etc.) and further technical assistance. STAND Up! partners will guide the selected entrepreneurs in the protection of their intellectual property, ensuring that the vouchers achieve their objectives.


    The Call for Applications is open to companies and startups in an early stage of development and which have innovative solutions in textiles and clothing sector or that have a solution allowing a textile start-up to improve its environmental performance.

    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن