During the World Submarine Cables Conference: Telecom Egypt launches its latest WeConnect system to enhance its international expansion


     By: Mostafa Ibrahim - Ameen Kadry

    Telecom Egypt, the first integrated telecommunications operator in Egypt and one of the largest submarine cable operators in the region, revealed the launch of its latest and most influential international system, WeConnect., on the sidelines of the Submarine Networks World Conference, held in Singapore.

    Through this system, Telecom Egypt allows its customers and international partners to use its submarine cable infrastructure with the highest levels of flexibility and effectiveness. WeConnect helps users move quickly and efficiently between submarine cable systems on the Mediterranean and Red coasts of Bahrain through a distinct business model characterized by transparency, neutrality and flexibility, which has become one of the most important demands of the international community for the localization of digital industries.

    The new WeConnect system provides a distinct business model and competitive prices comparable to those in global international data centers. It also supports the flexibility of connecting different submarine cables on the coasts of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, while ensuring rapid access to international digital infrastructure. Commercial agreements for the new system are managed through a digital platform designed at the highest international levels, where users of submarine cables today can request the transfer of data traffic with ease between the ten landing stations across the ten ground paths extending across Egyptian territory, in addition to the 14 submarine cable systems in Red Bahrain. And the medium and achieve the greatest degree of flexibility, diversity and freedom to mix different linking alternatives.

    For his part, Engineer Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, said, “We are fully aware that the ability to connect internationally effectively and flexibly has become one of the basic needs of individuals around the world, and therefore we are always keen to design the best communications solutions and develop our distinguished infrastructure to meet these growing needs.”

    He added: Our vision for our latest international system, WeConnect, is to help our international partners maneuver between crossing submarine cables with great efficiency while ensuring speed and flexibility of international connectivity through Telecom Egypt’s digital infrastructure. The new system gives our international customers the ability to manage their data transmission capacities across various submarine cables with high efficiency. Through WeConnect, Telecom Egypt is keen to add new value to its partners and support them to make the most of their capabilities and continuous investments over previous years in Telecom Egypt’s infrastructure, which will reflect positively on the end consumer experience around the world.”


    The new system allows Telecom Egypt's partners to log in to the WeConnect platform and redirect data traffic to different cables to expand the scope of their business, control their ability to interconnect across multiple submarine cables, and open up to new markets to provide their services to billions of potential users. Telecom Egypt remains the “preferred” destination for international communications across different eras thanks to the unique geographical location of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which contributed to consolidating Egypt’s position as a global center for digital infrastructure.

    By launching the WeConnect system, Telecom Egypt consolidates its international leadership role with models that suit international changes and simulate development in Submarine cable industry. The new WeConnect business model offers unified, fixed and competitive prices, allowing Telecom Egypt's partners the opportunity to expand across submarine cable systems, develop their international digital infrastructure between the continents of the world, and support the role of the Arab Republic of Egypt as a major center for international transit traffic and data exchange within its territory.

    For his part, Saif Mounib, Executive Vice President of International Services and Operators at Telecom Egypt, said, “Telecom Egypt is proud to provide its services in the international telecommunications market for more than 165 years, and our investments always focus on supporting our partners, expanding the scope of their networks, and enhancing the speed of communications worldwide. The company's work team believes in the importance of innovating everything new and effective to simplify, improve and accelerate communications around the world and support the efforts of our partners to expand the scope of their business and maximize the return on their investments.The WeConnect system is a milestone step towards consolidating the operational excellence of Telecom Egypt, and an affirmation of our commitment to providing a center for international digital infrastructure. It supports openness and transparency of the international community.”


    Telecom Egypt has invested in its infrastructure of submarine cables through 15 submarine cable systems worldwide currently and 5 other submarine cables waiting to enter service in the near future.

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