Prosecure Security and Guarding company partners with WAVZ to Implement cutting-edge SAP ERP Solutions


    By ; Azah Halme


    Prosecure, a leading provider of integrated security solutions, announced today that it has signed with WAVZ for Digital Transformation, a global SAP implementation and consulting firm, to implement cutting-edge SAP ERP Solution in a Managed Services Business Model, which would help Prosecure streamline its financial, material management and human capital management processes.

    "Our Vision is to provide professional security services and to enhance the security and safety of our customers through continuous development and provision of the latest security technological means and methods, taking into account and monitoring quality, and always being prepared to deal with various risks. We are excited to partner with WAVZ to implement SAP ERP Solution," said Gen Shahin Bassiouni, CEO of Prosecure.

    "SAP is a world-class ERP system that will help us improve our operational efficiency and effectiveness, and adapt to changes dynamically based on real-time usage and customer experience data. We chose WAVZ because of their vast experience in this domain which is supported by a successful track record in similar implementations. Especially the Managed Services Business model, which will help us focus on our core business, while WAVZ takes care of our ERP IT infrastructure and the associated processes. We are confident that WAVZ is the right partner that can help us with this important implementation".


    "We are proud to be selected by Prosecure to implement SAP ERP Solutions," said Amr Esmat, CEO and Managing Director of WAVZ. "We have a proven track record of successfully implementing SAP solutions in a Managed Services model for companies of all sizes. We are confident that we can help Prosecure achieve its business objectives. SAP ERP solution will enable Prosecure to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make better business decisions.".

    SAP ERP Solutions will provide Prosecure with instant and personalized business insights, which will help Prosecure stay on top of compliance and security with global standards built-in and always up to date. It will help them also collaborate with their global suppliers and partners across supply chain processes for tasks and activities such as ordering, forecasting, inventory management, supply and demand monitoring, and onboarding. Last but not least, Prosecure will be able to better manage its Human Capital and Enhance organizational agility and employee engagement by creating, managing, and tracking the performance of its dynamic teams outside formal reporting structures.

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