Al-Assar witnesses the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Prime Business Consulting for cooperation in the field of digital transformation


    By ; Saber Mohamed

    Dr. Mohamed Said Al-Assar, Minister of State for Military Production, witnessed the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding between the National Authority for Military Production and the Egyptian Prime Business Consulting, in the presence of Eng. Atef Ahmed Helmy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company at the headquarters of the Ministry of Military Production in Salam. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with "Prime Business Consulting" comes within the framework of the state's move towards the transformation of the digital society, as it comes in the context of the great interest that the Ministry of Military Production for digital industrialization and the application of the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to its affiliates, especially in light of the presidency of "Military Production" »The Digital Manufacturing Committee, in cooperation with several agencies in the country, to support the national industry and contribute to building a digital industry with high added value,


    The memorandum aims to cooperate between the "National Military Production Authority" and the "Prime Business Consulting" in the areas of providing advisory services to project management within the framework of the digital transformation strategy and benefit from the experiences of "Prime Business Consulting" in the implementation of a number of works, namely (reviewing the current contracts of production companies The war and evaluating the degree of its effectiveness to achieve the desired goals on the level of business performance "Business Layers" - identifying gaps affecting the success of projects carried out by companies affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production and the requirements to amend them to achieve business performance goals - proposing projects for the region Various states in the country within the framework of the digital transformation strategy - Participation in determining "Quick Win" opportunities - Providing consultations in the areas of digital transformation and activities related to the fields of electronic manufacturing).


    For his part, Eng. Atef Ahmed Helmy, Chairman of the Prime Business Consulting Company, indicated that Egypt occupies an advanced position regarding digital transformation efforts in the industrial sector in the region according to an ambitious vision and strategy, and clarified that his company will work to achieve partnership with «Military Production »A qualitative shift towards achieving the Ministry’s goals to enhance the levels of competitiveness of its products, sustain its business and reduce operating costs through effective digital industrial solutions, by taking advantage of the technological expertise of his company and its modern applications in the field of digital transformation


    "Helmy" also stressed the interest of his company in cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production, given the technological, manufacturing, technical, research, human and infrastructure capabilities available to its companies and units, in addition to its participation in the implementation of many national and development projects in the country, and its ability to keep pace with the rapid development and transformation of work Within a successful digital transformation system. #Presidency of the Council of Ministers


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