Schneider Electric Celebrates Egyptian Winners of its Sustainability Impact Awards for 2023

  • -      Paragon Developments and Electro-Mechanical Design Group (EMG) named a global winner in the “Impact to My Customers” category

    -      Hassan Allam Holding recognized for its “Impact to my Enterprise” in the Middle East and Africa Zone

    -      Riez: Egyptian companies demonstrate growing awareness of sustainability, collective efforts are imperative to reduce carbon emissions




    By : Bakinam Khaled



    Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, proudly announced the Egyptian winners of its second Sustainability Impact Awards. This recognition underscores Schneider Electric’s steadfast commitment to propelling transformation to an electric world, fostering sustainability, advancing decarbonization efforts, and championing innovation within its partner ecosystem in Egypt while promoting renewable energy and digital solutions.


    A dedicated ceremony was organized to announce and celebrate the Egyptian winners, in the presence of Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa and Levant; Eng. Ramy Moustafa, Vice President of  Buildings and Transactional Business at Schneider Electric Northeast Africa and Levant; and Eng. Hany Shaltout, Vice President of Solutions Development at Schneider Electric Northeast Africa and Levant. Leading by example and fostering knowledge sharing, the ceremony featured workshops on sustainability and Schneider Electric’s expertise, aimed at catalyzing a positive impact across all relevant stakeholders.


    The global awards witnessed substantial participation from Egyptian companies, totaling 15 entries. This notable engagement reflects the growing interest of local businesses in sustainability, as they eagerly embrace eco-friendly practices both within their organizations and beyond among their customers, contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.


    This year, entrants were assessed on their integrated approach to sustainability, their efforts to Electrify, Reduce, and Replace and their endeavors to create an Electricity 4.0 future through actions to Strategize, Digitize, and Decarbonize. The awards have two main categories; the first is the “Impact to my Enterprise” category which recognizes partners who actively promote sustainability within their operations and less carbon emissions, whereas the second category is “Impact to My Customers” which honors companies for their role in supporting their own customers in their decarbonization journey.


    Paragon Developments, in partnership with Electro-Mechanical Design Group (EMG), emerged as a global winner in the “Impact to My Customers” category after earning its winning spot on the Middle East and Africa zone level. By using centralized utility data management and energy load metering to monitor efficiency and equipment performance, it has decreased power consumption by 15% with 6% from renewable sources. Water usage also dropped by 15% with a grey water system. The Paragon site’s annual utility expenses achieved 21% in annual energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions by 1,092 tons.


    Hassan Allam Holding, one of the largest business groups in Egypt and the MEA region, boasting over 85 years of expertise in engineering & construction, investment, and development and supported by a dynamic and talented workforce exceeding 45,000 calibers, was recognized in the Middle East and Africa Zone in the “Impact to my Enterprise” category. Employing a robust monthly monitoring report, the company meticulously measures and compares energy consumption patterns. Moreover, it has installed PV panels at its headquarters which generates more than 60% of its energy needs. Further bolstering its sustainability efforts, the company has implemented motion sensors and LED lighting systems, resulting in a notable 10% reduction in energy consumption. Complementing these initiatives, the integration of aerators and smart meters has led to a commendable 10% decrease in water consumption. Hassan Allam Holding has also created a comprehensive scrap policy and processing system, which allows the selling of scrap from all locations and significantly reduces waste-to-landfill volumes. Demonstrating its commitment to corporate climate governance and ESG performance, Hassan Allam Holding spearheads with its award-winning Sustainability Strategy (2022–2030), while also providing sustainable infrastructure projects and delivering essential renewable energy solutions.


    “The Sustainability Impact Awards play a crucial role in raising awareness about the imperative of sustainability and motivating greater adoption among companies of eco-friendly practices, both within and beyond their organizations,” said Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa and Levant. “As Egyptian companies emerge as winners on both global and regional levels, we take immense pride in witnessing increased enthusiasm from companies to participate in the second edition of the competition. This reflects a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and collective efforts to mitigate climate change and advance decarbonization. Sustainability has long been at the heart of our operations and culture, extending beyond our company to encompass our broader ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers. Together, we endeavor to collectively champion sustainability and create a climate-positive world. We hope the winning of Egyptian companies will inspire more companies to emulate their example,” he concluded.


    Globally, Schneider Electric has identified six long-term commitments to sustainability that encompass climate, resources, trust, equal, generations, and local. Central to its mission is the creation of a climate-positive world using technology, with a pivotal commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across its entire value chain by 2050 and reduce carbon emissions for customers by 800 million tons between 2021 and 2025. Aligned with customer demands and strategic objectives, Schneider Electric remains resolute in its commitment to embedding sustainability across all projects across various sectors.  

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