Cubic To Join The Egyptian Market: «Worx» is an Integrated Solution Provide full customer profile and personalized products depending on machine learning and AI


    By ;  Faten El Kholy

    Cubic Information Systems –one of the leading technology providers regionally- announced opening its office in the Egyptian market. The plan based on the great opportunities the market witnesses and the domestic digital transformation strategy. Depending on accumulative experience the company earned through its work worldwide.

    Cubic provide wide range of solutions and products supports the digital transformation and financial inclusion, at the same time these products aligns with the country’s plan to turn into a cashless society.

    “We are so happy and proud to announce our plan to enter the Egyptian market, as it has a great base and strength points” said Waleed Saeid Cubic Co-Founder and Vice President for technology “ The Egyptian market which contains about 100 million citizens create millions of opportunities and we believe that Egypt will be our starting point to expand to Africa, Middle East and Worldwide.”

    Egyptian information technology and communication sector achieved about 108 billion EGP with 15.2% growth rate despite the exceptional circumstances due to Covid-19 pandemic.

    “the great opportunities here in Egypt as a part of digital transformation and government plans give technology providers the green light to invest heavily in the domestic market” he pointed “we are so optimistic as we started to work closely with our partners to manage their products depending on our smart solutions, which give them more efficient and effective use” pointed Ahmed Samy Cubic Country Manager.

    He said that Cubic assigned MOUs with its partners from financial and banking sector as a part of their plans to digital transformation.

    He added that the company aims to spread adopting smart solutions to reach wider range of the Egypt, keeping in mind that financial inclusion rates in Egypt are 33% meanwhile the mobile subscribers are more than 93 million and 50% of those users have internet access. This could be a very good base to design financial products cope with the raising needs of these users. And at the same time this kind of solutions may help clients to deal with financial institutions easily and seamlessly.

    Cubic considers the Egyptian market is a starting station to expand to near markets and worldwide too as it works in 15 markets globally in Gulf (UAE, KSA, and Kuwait) also in North America (USA and Canada) besides Kenya and Sub-Saharan

    Cubic has integrated and compatible solutions which aim to enhance customer experience

    One of their main products called “Worx” is a 360 degree solution begins with marketing and designing financial products for each customer based on his own need as we call it personalized products. This “worx” provides also sales department with these personalized products and every customer eligibility

    The product also contains ways to serve consumers like digital branches, EKYC, and so on. These all are compatible and easy to use as we also provide very dynamic and easy reporting tools depending on machine learning and AI.

    “Worx” has a very high security protocol depending on Microsoft Dynamic as the company is a golden partner for Microsoft and too many global technology providers.


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